Vietnam – Village Charm

Vietnam is among the most loved travel destinations with discerning travelers from all over the world. The island is known all over the world for its combination of amazing natural beauty as well as the charms of village life.

The country is located in South East Asia, and was shaped in the form of an S. The country is abuzz with tourists all through the year. There are close to 4 million tourists that come to the country in a year.

Vietnam has Cambodia and Laos in its west and China in the north. It is one of the m ost beautiful example of ancient cultures being wrapped in modern colors. The Mekong River in the south is an extremely popular area, and is home to a fertile river delta.


The beaches and islands here are simply the very best you will find anywhere in Southeast Asia. The country is a developing economy that sees itself as a developed nation by 2020.

Vietnam is home to three distinct areas – north, central and south. All three areas of the country are filled with a plethora of picturesque tourist spot. There is a huge variety of  accommodation options in Vietnam, for amazing hotel deals try out this new online hotel reservations website:

The south region is also home to the Mekong River and the fertile plain.

There are beaches, lagoons and dunes in the central area’s high temperature plateaus. The ancient city of Hue is situated at the heart of the central region.

Phu Quoc

The north region has towering alpine peaks, the charming Halong Bay, historical Hanoi, the Red River Delta Yen Cao Bang and Vinh Yen plains and others. After your Vietnam village adventures you might spend some time in Hanoi.  We strongly advise to rent a serviced apartment in Hanoi if you need accommodation for a medium long term