Ten Facts about Renting an Apartment in Cambodia

Finding an apartment for rent in Cambodia is not rocket science, nor should it be. Here are ten rock-solid facts that can help you to easier navigate through the apartment rental market in Cambodia. If you are an expatriate looking for an apartment to rent in Cambodia, then you will find what follows quite useful.

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The real estate in Cambodia is rapidly growing, especially in the biggest cities. As expected, Phnom Penh leads the pack. Phnom Penh is in the center of it all with most apartment units. Also, it leads in terms of variety. Renters can choose from affordable one-bedroom studios to super luxurious condos and anything in between.


There is no specific law in Cambodia that regulates the landlord/tenant relations. Therefore, Cambodia cannot be considered either pro-tenant or pro-landlord. According to several sources, some laws in the making should provide some regulation in this particular area. But, that’s all unofficial, and there isn’t any timeline to when that will happen.


The bigger the city, the better the apartment selection. Aside from Phnom Phen, there is a good selection of rental apartments in cities like Battambang, Ta Khmau, Siem Reap, and Serie Saophoan.


Most landlord/tenant disputes are settled off the official court. The best way to resolve a dispute of that kind is with the help of a Sangkat (commune) office. For a small fee, they can act as a mediator.

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Everything from the rental price to your rental contract can be negotiated with the landlord. The rental contract is legally obligatory for both parties, the landlord and the tenant. There aren’t too many legal limits to what you can add in the rental contract.


The landlord can raise the rent for as much as he wants to. Unless the rental rate is fixed, and that’s part of your rental agreement. That is why you need to close the issue in your rental contract.


On average, apartment rents are highest in Phnom Phen. Also, the closer the apartment is to the city center, the higher the rent is. The average apartment rents are smaller in other Cambodian cities.


Getting out of your lease can be tricky if the rental contract doesn’t have a termination clause. You might need to pay penalties if you lack a termination clause in your rental agreement.

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Tenants are allowed to place an eviction penalty clause in their rental contract. That way, their landlord will need to pay them an eviction penalty if they decide to evict them. Typically, this clause is suggested at the end, after you agree on the rental fee and the other details. That way, the notion of an eviction penalty doesn’t upset the landlord too much.


Choose your landlord as carefully as you choose your new apartment. If needed, reach out to some former tenants (if possible), or maybe even talk to the first door neighbors. You can also go with your second or third choice if the landlord doesn’t seem trustworthy or even reasonable.