How much does it cost to live in Malaysia?

Malaysia is considered a developing country even though most of the big cities and towns here boast of good infrastructure and excellent health care. Despite that, it boasts of amazingly low-cost of living. It provides world-class amenities at a fraction of the price that the other capital cities in the other part of the globe usually offer.

Kuala Lumpur city

  1. The cities are surrounded by greenery, and the coastline is well-known for unspoiled beaches and beautiful sea-facing properties. The country has been described often as a paradise for retired people who can afford a relaxed lifestyle with their savings. Expats, e retirees and jobseekers coming from other countries find this country very peaceful and comfortable.
  2. If you like the description then you must compare the available property for rent in Malaysia. It will pleasantly surprise you by the lower rents for extravagantly furnished properties. The apartments and condos are spacious enough for families and come with all the modern amenities.
  3. The properties these days boast of excellent infrastructure. So if a family decides to stay in a gated community, then their kids can have all the comforts brought to them. They can play in the secure gardens and play areas, swim in the well-maintained pools, learn music and all sorts of sports and games in the community.
  4. Shopping is one of the most favorite aspects of today’s lives. From expensive designer boutiques to cheaper versions of clothes and all kinds of products are available in conveniently located malls.
  5. The hospitals here boast of doctors trained abroad and that is one of the reasons for modern health care being affordable for everyone in Malaysia.
  6. You can compare the currency of your country and then compare the cost of living too with that of Malaysia by visiting the online websites created for this purpose. This will help you understand the prices of staples and other products and make a fair comparison. You can expect to spend less than 7000MR even for a family of four, in a big city like KL inclusive of all expenses.
  7. Commuting within the country is very convenient. The existence of mass public transport systems using a single type of ticket makes it convenient and cheap for every kind of traveler.
  8. Education is easily one of the best in the global context, as they have small branches of many world-class universities and the students are taught by top-notch The government encourages the spread of education and that is also one of the reasons that low-cost education is being made available at all levels.
  9. Last but one of the essentials is that the grocery and nutritious food are available everywhere. People prefer fresh and locally grown produce and that helps the prices to remain stable.

All these factors prove that the cost of living in this green and the less polluted island is indeed worth the investment in the long term. You will get a world class lifestyle at a fraction of the price compared to many other countries.  Moving to Malaysia is a decision that you will never regret and thank yourself later for making a move at the right time.