Why you must attend Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang

Nepal is mostly known for the mountains. People comes here to ascend some of the world’s highest peak.  Well there are lots of things beyond mountain in Nepal.  There are lots of others things to do in Nepal apart from Mountain. However, mountain has always been an attraction for travelers. If you want to explore the culture and tradition of Nepal, the best recommendation for you will be the tour to Lo Manthang and enjoy the tiji festival. Tiji festival is celebrated yearly in Lo Manthang. The three days festival attract the huge amount of tourist. Despite of all the required tedious paper work before starting your journey, it is worth it.  The road now enable travelers to travel Lo Manthang without trekking. You can rent any four wheelers and start your journey.


Even though you rent a vehicles, you can’t go Upper Mustang alone. It is restricted zone and can be traveled with a authorized travel company in a pair of two group.

If you enjoyed hiking, you can do trek Upper Mustang region and enjoy the Tiji festival and the end of your journey. It will be worthwhile. Everything is interesting about the festival. However, the dance by the monks wearing colorful mask and enact the story of Dorje Jono. The perform different dance during the Tiji festival . The dance is performed by the lamas of Lo Manthang. It is belived that tiji festival was started during the time of Lowo Khenchen. The king of Lo Manthan has the main role in the festival. There is a separate king in Lo Manthang. There are lots of stories behind this festival. It is celebrated to chase the demon.


Apart from tiji festival, you can explore other different things in Upper Mustang. Look for the sky caves that is now the sensation of the Lo Manthan. The sky cave were predicted to be thousands of year old and the nomad people used to live there. It is recommended to carry light while exploring the cave. You have to purchase ticket for it. For photograph, you have to pay extra.

If you have reached Upper Mustang trekking, then you must enjoy the beauty of small settlement along the way. The villages are unique and once you get in touch with local, you can know the daily life in Upper Mustang region better. Before the road was linked to Kagbeni, most of the villagers depend on animal husbandry and trade with Tibet.