The rise of fitness holidays, top 15 fitness and wellness holiday destinations

Most people go on holiday and return feeling as if they’d gained weight. They vow to get more exercise on their next trip instead of sitting around all day drinking mojitos on the beach. It explains why people are opting for fitness holidays that strike a balance between staying fit and relaxing in the sun.

We’ve handpicked the best 15 fitness and wellness holiday destinations in the world for all your sports, fitness and wellness needs, from cycling, yoga, boot camps, winter sports, fusion fitness, HIIT workouts and water sports among others.


  1. Absolute sanctuary Yoga (Koh Samui Island, Thailand)

This is a great destination for new and experienced yoga enthusiast looking to invigorate and rejuvenate their souls while on holiday. There are at least 25 classes weekly you can attend in a wonderful studio. Featured styles include Yin, Hatha, Yoga Pilates, Hot Flow, Pranayama & Meditation and Ashtanga. Other activities include workshops, circuit training, spa treatment, origami napkin folding and many more.

  1. Ananda Yoga (The Himalayas, India)

If you’re looking for a serene experience that gives you a new fitness challenge, Ananda offers a journey unlike any you’ve seen. Revive yourself through the ancient practice that incorporates tranquillity and purity as you discover the true meaning of wellbeing. The 7-day itinerary features lifestyle consultation, Thai massage, yoga nidra, reflexology, aromatherapy, grounding salt scrub Ananda fusion and many more.

  1. Rancho La Puerta (Tecate, Mexico)

Every inch of this spectacular 3,000 acres is a fitness and wellness area hidden below Mt. Kuchumaa. Visitors have a plethora of activities to choose from such as TRX, yoga, meditation and hiking. Meals are cooked with organic ingredients grown at the resort’s garden for a healthy balance or you can feast on your creation at the daily cooking courses.

  1. The Ranch at Live Oak (California, USA)

This luxury boot camp is for those who need to detox and offers programs such as ab workout, group hikes, yoga, weight train, massages and vegan menu free of alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

  1. The Confidante, Miami

Get your heart rate up with spinning classes at the Confidante. The luxurious hotel offers Blue Aqua Boot camp that consist of underwater boxing, medicine balls, core callisthenics and water sprints. “Cycling is a very effective workout that consistently moves your body away from the resistance of the pool,” explains one top fitness instructor at Fitness Expos stores. “You burn calories at a faster pace and tone your body for an all-around great physique”.

  1. The Body Holiday St. Lucia

Whether you’re looking for white sands to dig your feet into, live on the wild side or discover the beautiful region of St Lucia, this is a fantastic destination for a beach workout.  Activities include scuba diving, snorkelling, fitness workouts, spa treatment, yoga classes, sailing club and many more.

  1. Surfing holiday at Paris Plage, Morroco

Tucked in Morocco’s west coast is a mecca for surfing lovers around the world. Paradis plage offers beach bungalows, suites and prestige villas. Other activities include spa treatment, daily yoga classes and fitness sessions.


  1. Golden Door spa Resort, San Marcos, CA

It might look pricey at $9,000, but this weeklong retreat offers daily massages, fitness sessions with a personal trainer, spa sessions inclusive of skin treatment and a ton of other juicy features.

  1. Rock Climbing at the Canyon Ranch Arizona USA

While indoor rock climbing has grown in popularity, nothing comes close to an outdoor experience with nature. Here, you can hike through the Sonoran Desert or the innovative rock wall to strengthen your core muscles and burn calories.

  1. Adrenaline junkies’ heaven at Viva Wyndham Tangerine, Dominican Republic

Adrenaline junkies will have a swell time exploring various activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding and other land activities from hiking tennis, volleyball, spa and spectacular equipment at the fitness centre. All activities and meals are included in the price of your room.

  1. Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso, Mexico

An all-inclusive resort, this facility offers an incredible fitness centre ideal for a workout vacation. There is a wall of mirrors where you can view the gorgeous gardens as you workout. The gym features specialized strength training classes, multilingual fitness instructors, spa services and great tasting meals from the restaurant.

  1. SHA Weight loss holiday, Spain

Obesity has often been linked to depression and other body image issues. It also leads to health problems like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. SHA has an organic approach to weight loss that increases vitality, keeps weight gain away and helps you incorporate a sustainable diet program. Guests at the facility enjoy a luxurious experience featuring saunas, invigorating pool, caldarium, massage beds and stone therapy among others.


A holiday to any of these destinations will help you feel healthier, fitter and less lethargic. You can pick up new skills in surfing, meditation, cycling, hiking and other activities offered at the resorts and hotels.


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