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Advantages of vacation rentals for families when travel abroad

As more people now travel abroad independently there is more demand for quality vacation home rentals which provide a home away from home for families. Arriving after a long journey, families can relax and look around the home which is going to be theirs for the next week or two, and revel in the extra space which a hotel room would never have given them. I manage a number of rental homes here in Greece and witness first hand the delight with which visitors settle into their vacation home and appreciate the welcome basket of local products.

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Many get inordinately excited when discovering the washing machine. They enjoy the prospect of sitting on the balcony or in the shady outdoor area. The pleasure of noting where the barbecue is and outdoor dining area reinforces just how much additional choice and space they have over a hotel or apartment rooms. Having a comfortable living room to relax in as well as bedrooms, allows them to settle in as a family. The kitchen represents a huge saving on eating out every day and gives the opportunity to cook local produce at home.

Vacation rentals have another advantage for families and that is they are safer for the children. They aren’t likely to run into suspicious strangers within the holiday home as they may well do when wandering around a hotel. Also they don’t need to creep round in siesta hour or be shushed if they wake up bright and early, as there is no one else to disturb.

The lower costs of a vacation rental are particularly enticing as the daily rate usually works out far cheaper per person than a hotel. It is all paid for as you arrive so there are no extra tips to pay and instead of relying on the hotel service for an ice cold drink you can stock up the fridge at far less expense. You can return at any time of day for a rest without being disturbed by other hotel guests, the annoying sound of elevators or other people’s children making a racket.

El San Juan Resort

A hotel may well provide more amenities but it rarely offers the comforts of home, and the amenities of the resort are all close at hand. There is the additional privacy of not having room maids popping their keys in the door and expecting you to vacate the room as they clean. It is often possible to request the services of a local cleaner to call in for an additional fee. Whatever is your choice you can get a travel insurance for any purpose of your travel.

I see first hand how families really appreciate the delights of a vacation home and the repeat bookings testify to their enjoyment, as do the words they leave in the guest book enthusing about their wonderful vacation and how comfortable it has been staying in a vacation home.