India: Home of the Luxurious and Decadent

India: Home of the Luxurious and Decadent

India is fast growing as a unique travel destination for luxury travellers. There are many tours that accommodate travellers seeking to travel in various parts of India but would rather do so with all the levels of comfort available. All the major cities provide this option and many restaurants cater to luxury travellers needs. This makes India a great option for tourists who want to travel in style, without having to break the bank to do so as India is so affordable.

Luxury tours

The comfort level and luxury of the traveller is extremely important in these tours. So, luxury tours offer private chauffeur driven cars for each city. The provided guides are exclusive, experienced and licensed, offering tours that are private and customized to the specifications and preferences of the visitors. This is particularly useful for visitors who want a trip that will highlight their interests. For example, tourists may want a trip with wildlife or do something more spiritual. A guest who chooses these tours is guaranteed to have a higher quality of service in all spheres of travel whether its accommodation, transportation or informative guides.

You can experience lavish comfort on a trip to Rajasthan or ‘the land of the kings.’ This is a culturally prosperous area with links to the ancient way of life. Its blend of natural beauty and history is what draws thousands of tourists to the area every year. Undoubtedly, the area draws many people because of the Taj Mahal. Places around this area exhibit a high standard of services and provide a great experience for visitors who want to see the real India but also experience some luxury, staying in stunning hotels like the Neemrana fort, a converted fort which is now one of India’s most unique hotels.

Luxury Trains

Travelling through India in a luxury train has become increasingly popular with visitors. This uniquely Indian way of exploring the country allows you the opportunity of seeing many of he countries greatest attractions. The trains have all the indulgences you can imagine; this includes customized cutlery, glamorous decor, romance and great tasting food. The packages include meals, tours and entrance fees to remarkable attractions. Leaving you with the easy task of sitting back and enjoying the once in a lifetime experience.

Enjoy some decadence in Goa

For palms trees, beaches and extravagance then head off to Goa. With its pristine coastlines, deserted beaches and light festivals, you are bound to have an incredible time. Moreover, there are many places to explore whilst here. For adventurous people you can try your hand at cave exploration, water sports and other adrenalin pumping activities. At night time the place comes alive with great music, partying, shopping and good food.

For more leisure, there is ample opportunity to soak up the sun at various resorts or more private luxury lodges. Go for walks among the traditional fishing villages and experience the best of both worlds. Whatever your interests are, you are bound to find a luxurious option for your vacation.

There are many ways you can enjoy India in luxury. This includes accommodation, tours and of course world famous eateries. With so many places to see and experience it should be certainly be on your list of luxury places to see in the world.

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