Edmonton, Canada

In size, Edmonton, Canada is among the largest cities in the world. The city is also a destination that is rising in popularity, as it has a huge deal of potential as a holiday spot for all age groups as well as type of travelers. The city has a good number of museums, parks, culture sites and a number of other attractions.

Driving around the city is one of the best ways of enjoying it. There are many car rental services on offer all over the city, should you feel the need for one. There are a huge number of excellent sights and points of interest to be enjoyed.


Edmonton is among the best places to visit in Canada, as there are a great number of attractions related to culture, nature, entertainment, nightlife and more. The charms of the city are of such variety and number that you will require quite some time to see all the sights in the city. The white avenue is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The University of Alberta is among the finest, as is the landmarks of Strathcona. The houses and the streets are especially worth seeing. The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is a famous attraction here. Also do not miss the Rutherford House Provincial Historical Site.


Make sure you get a taste of the remarkable variety of dining options in the city as well. There are a huge number of excellent places to eat. There is the Pico Lino Bistro, which is known for its huge number of succulent Italian dishes.

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