Get tipped to Singapore – Travel tips

On one of those small holidays you plan to go shopping to Singapore or for all purposes you go on a business tour or just decide to take a break in Singapore. Whatever the reason is it sure requires you to be well prepared and ready for a stay away from home. Nothing comes easy without planning. Lets know what are the travel tips for Singapore.

Clothing is an important part of travel. One who travels has to have the right kind of clothing to the destination. There are some travel tips for clothing when you go to Singapore.

In Singapore, it is like you are in a sauna. So dress lightly and take comfortable clothes along. Casual dressing is a way of life here in Singapore and natural fibers are best as your skin can breathe easily. In Singapore travel tips for businessman include short sleeved shirts and it is alright not to take a tie along. Dressing is very causal here.


Singapore travel tips

If you are a foodie then you have some travel tips for this too. Fussy eaters find it difficult while on a tour. The Singaporean cuisine gives you Indian, Chinese Malay, Chinese and Peranakan besides the Thai, Japanese and Korean food.

Travel tips for eating include your knowing to use chopsticks at a Chinese joint. Don’t point the chopsticks at the person opposite you if he is a Chinese would take offence if you point the chopsticks at him. It is better to leave them standing.

Self practice is the order of the day for the street vendors in Singapore. So the travel tips help you to understand that you have to take the food you ordered for yourself and not wait for it to be served.

It is alright to share tables with a stranger if there is a lack of space. It is quite common to share tables with others.

Singapore visits are never complete without binging on sea food. It is better to check the right amount for the dish before giving an order.

If you visit a Singaporean home, or a temple or mosque remember to remove your footwear.

Laws in Singapore are very strict so don’t break them knowingly or unknowingly. If you chew gum, then you would be held if you sell or import chewing gum. Having a chewing gum is alright. Anyone found to smuggle gum inside would sent behind bars for 2 years or both.

If you are found littering the city, then you have to pay at least $1000 and if you repeat the offence then you have to pay $2000 and participate in social activities like cleaning public places.

If you want to travel around Singapore then use the Mass Rapid Transit Rail or the taxis and buses. Besides you also have the Sky train which shuttles between airport terminals. You can use any taxis parked in the taxi stands. You don’t have to tip anyone as it is not encouraged.

Travel to Singapore is enjoyable but do remember these travel tips to make your trip comfortable.