Meghamalai Mountains

Meghamalai – Walk on cloud nine

A divine destination, an getaway that is untouched, quiet escape in the pristine land, Meghmalai is divine beauty of lust and verdant landscape. Green mountains, dense with forests, lakes with teal hue in water and most of all its all serene, calm, tranquil and peace tucked all in clouds, walk Meghmalai in the Western Ghats in India. Accessible mountain destination is mind blowing gorgeous. And has cool mountainous climate. Meghmalai means cloud mountains and you will feel as if you are walking on clouds. Clouds play hide and seek with peaks.

Meghamalai Mountains

Meghmalai is called as the High Wavy Mountains. Located in most gorgeous destination on Kerala and Tamil Nadu border in India, nearest town is Chinnamanur. Drive to the hill station can be unsettling, but its like adventure on narrow, muddy and winding road. Climb here is exhilarating steep. You can see the Manalar Dam in the valley, very beautiful and tranquil peace. Traveling to this place is adventure with beauty to gap at. Sand River Cottage is a good place for accommodation and serves amazing food, Woodbriar group has large tea plantation of 6000 acre where there two large houses. People at this place are warm and welcoming and hospitality of this people is recommendable.

Another place to see is the High Wavy’s Dam which nestles in the mountains. Visit the WoodBriar Tea Factory. See how the morning beverage is made. Vattaparai is the upper Manalar is famous place for animal sightings. You will be able to see elephants more. And they are quite comfortable with humans around. See complete family of elephants grandpa, mom, dad, kids all walking in the forest. Bison can also be seen. Here there are tigers as well. And if you look out carefully see the porcupine quill. Many rare animals can be seen like Grizzled Giant squirrel. See the Indian Hornbill. Its home to rarest bats: Salim Ali Fruit Bat.

Also a great place to mediate as you will have peace of mind here, cause of the ambience. Taking long drives and trekking are other thing to do. You will see all hues of green- dark leaves woods, light green color plantations. Maharaja Mettu is a view point from where you can have the panoramic view of Meghmalai hills and see till beyond to plains. The place is like fairytales. Connect to nature and disconnect from world out here. Have relaxing and experience transcendence out in the misty mountains.