St. Louis Zoo, Missouri

St. Louis Zoo, Missouri: Top 7 highlights

Nothing can be as appealing as the St. Louis zoo in the nation, which is also the leading one in the fields of research, management, conservation, and information. Nestled in the Forest Park, this zoo is the best one in the country as per the Zagat as well as Parenting Magazine. This proud zoo not only outclass the art of making the guests come face-to-face with animals, but also excels in making creative, but original-looking habitats that make up for the animal exhibits. And the best part is that all this requires a free entry. Surprising, right? However, some of the highlights are charged.

St. Louis Zoo, Missouri
St. Louis Zoo, Missouri

One of the most exciting features of the St. Louis zoo is the small train called the Zooline Railroad that surrounds the area and takes you to the most famous attractions. Start your trip with the Children’s Zoo where your kids can not only see, but touch a variety of human-friendly animals. Consider a big playground where animals play with you and you what this is all about. Some highlights here are a watch-out slide on the pool of otters, kangaroo’s play, snakes, birds, and frogs for close encounters, and answering staff. This is a chargeable attraction for $4.

The Penguin & Puffin Coast is where you watch these animals via a small glass that gives you a glimpse of these swimming creatures. This is so close that you might get wet as the creatures splash, flip, or dive in and out of the water. And yes take your head up where the penguins ascend nicely on the rock ledges. On the other hand, the Hippo Harbor allows you to directly face the whooping hippos of 3000 pounds with the distance of glass of some inches.

St. Louis Zoo, Missouri

Do enjoy the feeding time that involves many activities and vary animal to animal. Penguins and tree kangaroos are fed at 10 in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon, while the sea lions are offered with food, except on Thursdays, at 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:15 pm. And when it strikes 4 in the clock, it is the time to feed the bears.

Conservation Carousel with hand-carved 64 animals in paint is the top attraction here including zebra, tiger, lion, tiger, frog, caterpillar, and warthog. For $3, your kid can really enjoy fully here and that your this spend is given to the Zoo’s WildCare Institute for conserving the extinct creatures.

Do go for the Behind the Scenes Tours that will get you even closer to these wilds and will impart much knowledge. Via these trips, feed giraffes, catch a scary python, meet monkeys, or explore the cheetah yards for $25 or $50. It is only the Sea Lion meet that is for $65. The rules for the tours include three-week advance booking and a minimum quorum of two people.

In summer, do not miss the best of all – the Sea Lion Show, where these cute beings stroll on their flippers, play Frisbee, and hop the hurdles for $3. Come from the Hampton Avenue to first explore the Animals Always Sculpture in the southeast as the big rust-colored figure in steel holding over 60 animals peeping from bushes as well as trees. This is the largest one to be present at America’s any public zoo. Stroll out of the south entrance to be on the Wells Avenue for a perfect vista.


9 am to 5 pm

Admission fee

Free, but some attractions within are chargeable like Children’s Zoo for $4, Conservation Carousel for $3, Zooline Rail Ride for $5 per round trip, Sea Lion Show for $3, Motion Simulator for $3, and 3-D Movie for $3 per person. The first two are free if you come within the first hour of the opening time.


  •     Strollers on rent for kids and elders
  •     Wheelchairs
  •     Lockers
  •     Picnic tables
  •     First aid

Indoor eateries

  •     Lakeside Cafe
  •     Carousel Café
  •     River Camp Cafe
  •     The Laughing Hyena
  •     Ice Cream Oasis
  •     East Refreshment Stand


  •     Safari Shop
  •     Hippoporium
  •     Ladybug Boutique
  •     Zootique
  •     Wild Outpost (seasonally)
  •     Build-A-Bear Workshop® At The Zoo


$12 per vehicle in the North Lot

Forest Park Trolley

Embark this trolley to visit all highlights of the St. Louis zoo and to move towards the Forest Park MetroLink Station at the end. Park in the visitor Center of the Forest Park and catch this one that stops near the Government Drive’s North Entrance. This one operates from April to October from 9 to 5 for $2 per adult and $1 per child between 5 and 12, disabled, and senior citizens.