Key West, Florida

Top 5 Things To Do In Key West – A Quick Glance

Key West, Florida is the southernmost city in US that features the perfect blend of cultural influences. Its colourful history is packed with amazing tales of prosperity, poverty, death as well as rebirth. The island is mainly known for its beautiful sunsets and becomes the highlight for tourists from all across the globe. A lot of famous writers have called Key West as their home like Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and others. The island still attracts a lot of artists with its great Bohemian atmosphere.

Key West, Florida

There are a lot of things to do and places worth visiting. Have a look at them below:

Mallory square

It is a former warehouse area that has now become a famous sunset watching point with live, classy entertainment. The visitors gather on its dock to enjoy the sunsets, vendors, jugglers, musicians and other performers who create a truly carnival like atmosphere. The point has become a great tourist spot in Key West. There are also some popular shops and eateries on and around the square.

Martello Towers

The towers are 2 brick fortifications that were constructed in the year 1858 to safeguard the Fort Zachary Taylor. The fort never got completed and did not even see any hostile action. Its central tower offers great view of Atlantic coast.

Key West Aquarium

The aquarium was opened in 1934 which actually became the first open air aquarium in the United States. A roof to it was added later for algae control and thus the aquarium was upgraded. It exhibits Atlantic Shores. Various tanks house the local marine life such as snappers, angelfish and puffer fish to name a few. There are even the tanks with sharks and barracuda as well as a special touch tank that allows the visitors to go close and get personal with the starfish, conch and others. Even during the visitor tours, they can watch sharks being fed.

Key West Aquarium

Live entertainment

For the travellers who enjoy cultural experience, there are various live performance theatres and movie theatres. Indeed Key West has attracted a lot of artists and its art galleries showcase local as well as international talent from the famous artists.

Southernmost point

One of the most famous things worth doing in Key West is to click a picture with vibrant buoy that marks the southernmost point of the US. Being at the intersection of South and Whitehead streets, this striped buoy is 90 miles from Cuba. The recent visitors say that this landmark is a sure shot place to go in Key West and also say that the huge crowd there may make it a bit tough to take a nice picture. So if a stop at buoy is on your bucket list, then surely visit this place.

Key West Southernmost point

So, with all these places to visit and a lot of things to do, Key West can be your next destination without a doubt. Enjoy the cultural influences in the island and you will enjoy the best of time when in Key West, Florida.