How to organize an unforgettable stag do in Krakow?

Looking for an idea for a stag do? Don’t know which city to choose, or what attractions the participants of this event might like? Choose Krakow! It’s a city that many tourists from Poland and abroad choose every year. It’s a beautiful city with an amazing history. Full of historical places, monuments, charming streets, as well as interesting attractions. Krakow is a great place to organize a stag party.

What to do in Krakow during a stag do?

If you decide to spend a stag party in Krakow, it is worth planning your time to get the most out of your visit. If you have time, it is worth considering a visit for a few days or a weekend. What to do in Krakow during a stag night? First of all, you have to see the most important and characteristic points of the city – Cloth Hall, Wawel Castle, St. Mary’s Church and the Old Town. If you have more time, you can also arrange a trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine. When spending your stag do in Krakow, it is also worth taking a stroll through the charming streets. You can visit unusual bars and try dishes in one of the many restaurants. However, Krakow is not only history and monuments, but also many attractions. One of them is the shooting range.

A visit to the shooting range – one of the best stag activities in Krakow

Do you like competition, the smell of smoke and adrenaline? A visit to the shooting range is a great stag activity in Krakow. You can feel like your favorite characters from games and movies. There are more and more shooting ranges in Krakow, where both amateurs and enthusiasts can test their emotions. One of them deserves special mention. Cracow Shooting Academy is a shooting range that has more than 2 thousand reviews, and their average is 4.9. There is a reason why this Krakow shooting range is so popular with people from home and abroad. Why is the shooting range a good choice for the beginning of a stag night in Krakow? The shooting range is a place that requires us to be 100% sober, for safety reasons. Therefore, if it’s our desire to to go crazy during this special night, it is worth choosing this entertainment to start with. Thanks to this you will feel adrenaline, excitement and in good spirits you will be ready for the rest of the bachelor party. In Krakow, you don’t have to worry about a lack of entertainment.

Cracow Shooting Academy – a guarantee of a successful stag party in Krakow

Cracow Shooting Academy is located on Jan Surzyckiego Street. Because of convenient location, it is possible to
arrive there by public transport, we can also choose a taxi or take advantage of the possibility of organizing a bus through the shooting range.
Cracow Shooting Academy is a team of experienced shooting enthusiasts who are happy to host large groups, also from abroad. Each participant of the stag before starting shooting takes part in training, during which they learn shooting techniques and also learn how to handle weapons. A visit to the shooting range during a bachelor party is primarily entertainment and safety, which is why every participant receives eye and ear protectors. And after shooting, there is always an opportunity to take a commemorative photo.

Further part of the bachelor party in Krakow

After the shooting, we can start the rest of the stag. In Krakow we can’t complain about boredom, it is a city that is bustling with life, also in the evenings and at night. In search of impressions, the best way to go is to the Old Town, where you will find many restaurants and bars. At the market there are also clubs where we can spend a nice time accompanied by music. If it’s our desire to a more intimate atmosphere, it is worth visiting Krakow’s Kazimierz. It’s a charming neighborhood, increasingly appreciated by tourists. If you want to spend time near the Vistula River we can choose one of the bars located nearby, it is an excellent choice for warm months.

H2: Stag do ideas in Krakow

If our stag in Krakow does not end in just one day, it is worth taking some time to explore the city. Krakow has a lot to offer. On warm days we can relax over one of the swimming pools. See the film in the open-air cinema, as well as visit the spots that appear during the spring-summer period. We’ll find excellent food there, and we’ll also have something good to drink. Want to see the city from a different angle? You’re going on a cruise on the Vistula. You will have a rest from the city, and you will also gain strength for further sightseeing. Cracow also has museums, which are not lacking here. Krakow is an excellent choice for a bachelor party, here everyone will find something for themselves.