Yellowstone National Park

Located on the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho,the Yellowstone National Park is not only the world’s first National Park, it is also without doubt one of the most beautiful in the whole world. It was opened back in 1st March 1872. It is also the largest park in United States with over 2 million acres for you to explore and enjoy. The topography inside varies a great deal as well, from low valleys to heights of 11,358 feet. The lowest point in the park is 5,282 feet. The Grand Canyon is one of the most significant structure in the park along with a host of natural geysers and and hot springs. The park has over 300 geysers which makes it an active volcano belt. Its caldera is supposed to be the largest in the world. The Yellowstone Caldera is also the largest active volcano in North America. The lakes situated in the park are some of the largest high altitude lakes here. With so many hot springs and geysers the Park experiences about 2000 earthquakes in a year. The petrified forest here is one of the biggest in the world.

Yellowstone National Park

The history of the place goes back to 11,000 years. Many Native Americans used this park as their habitat even 200 years ago from the ancient times. After the advent of the Europeans this stopped.

Yellowstone National Park because of its size, topography and climate has biodiversity. You will find here a range of animals and birds, some endemic to the region while others have been nurtured. Some of the animal species that are common here are gray wolf, grizzly bear, lynx, mountain goat, black bear and bison. It has many fishes as well including the endemic Yellowstone cutthroat trout. The place also has about 113 bird species. 80 percent of the vegetation in the park consists of pines.

Yellowstone National Park

Things to do in the Yellowstone National Park :

Yellowstone Kayaking and rafting is fun. You will also get the assistance of a trained instructor.

Horse and Mule ride:
The best way to see the park and its valf or fulld ay. The st expanses is on horseback.Even llamas are available in case you prefer them to horses. You can rent them for half or full days. The overnight rides are the most adventurous.

Bicycling :
There are several mountain bike trails in the park. It goes through the valley through the pine groves and into the most spectacular landscape.

Yellowstone Ranger Tours-The park-its history, geology, wildlife, natural formation, and activities. Take a guided tour with them to get the best out of the park. Enjoy a funfilled campfire with them while they tell you stories of the great Indians who resided in these regions thousands of years back. Take a tour at the colorful canyon with them and learn about the different rock formation.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Safari Park Tours

This tour shows you the best of wildlife and natural splendors in Yellowstone National Park. It gives you an amazing sense of fulfillment as you watch animals in their natural habitat quite unaware of your presence. You might chance upon wolves quite easily but be cautious to drive carefully especially during the dusk and night. There are areas where spring bears have also been spotted but these area are closed to tourists for the safeguard of the animal.
Yellowstone in the Winter

If you are adventurous and like the feel of the white on green pines, then the best time for you to visit the park is in the winter. Snowmobiling is one of the main activities in winter. The trips are generally guided.

Yellowstone National Park

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