Chattanooga Zoo, East Tennessee

Chattanooga Zoo, East Tennessee

Nestled in the Warner Park downtown, the Chattanooga Zoo or the former Warner Park Zoo in Chattanooga is the wildest 13-acre terrain of Tennessee to thrill you the most. Come here with your entire family and simply enjoy the natural displays of jaguars, red pandas, snow leopards, chimpanzees, and much more. If you are in Tennessee and want to take your kids on a wild adventure tour, the Chattanooga zoo is the best place to be.

Once you are inside the zoo, start your tour from not only the most remarkable display, but also from the most novel exhibit: the Himalayan Passage that is the home of the red pandas. This one has been accredited as the world’s largest indoor exhibit of red panda. Now, this one is pretty interesting to know as the Chattanooga zoo is actually among the smallest zoos as recognized by the AZA. And even more interesting is the fact that if you visit this exhibit today, you will find more probing creatures such as the Hanuman langurs as well as the snow leopards.

Chattanooga Zoo, East Tennessee

Apart from the above one, one more equally fascinating exhibit is of the Gombe Forest, the most naturally wild place in the zoo obtained for $2.1 million dollar. This is where you can spot Hank along with his four friends making the places as the home of the chimpanzees. Hank here is a very old resident, but unfortunately is no more because of his death recently in January due to natural causes. The entire built-up is an indoor/outdoor exhibit. An indoor viewing area is also present at the Donovan Interpretive Center from where you can look for the chimpanzees. This center is also the hub of additional small exhibits.

If you love to spot the spider monkeys and jaguars, then head off to the Corcovado Jungle exhibit where you can see the different species of Latin American animals. So, besides the two, you also get a chance to greet the macaws and capybaras. On the other hand, the North American animals are best explored at the Walkin’ the Tracks exhibit. This one is for those who have not seen the white-tailed deer or the prairie dogs. Lastly, the Warner Park Ranch Exhibit allows you to get personal with the animals of the Chattanooga zoo. And yes, before you leave, you just cannot miss the Cougar Express – a train car with an indoor viewing sight from where you can spot the two cougars of the zoo.

The latest highlight in the zoo is its front entrance complex that features parking areas, endangered species carousel (must for kids), concessions pavilion, restroom facility, and gift shop.
Upcoming attractions

Inclusion of Komodo dragons, gibbons, and African penguins as right now it is undergoing a great plan change.


301 North Holtzclaw Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37404
Entry fees

Adults: $6

Kids (3 to 15 years of age): $3

Seniors: $4

9 am to 5 pm; Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day.