Houston, Texas – Sights

Houston is the forth largest city in America and is the largest city in the state of Texas. The area of the city is sizeable and the population just as much, with close to six million residents. The main attractions of the city are centered in the heart of the city. This is the city center which extends from the Galleria Mall and the downtown district.

Houston is a vibrant and young city with an assortment of attractions to keep visitors hooked. You will not lack for attractions here. The city of Houston has a huge number of dining, entertainment, shopping and nightlife options.


The city has some superb restaurants that serve succulent cuisine from around the world. Houston has no dearth of nightclubs and bars, and the nightlife scene here is nothing less than pulsating.

It is also a misconception that the state of Texas is an alien to culture. You will see so many attractions related to culture that would rival any European city. The city has a host of exceptional museums, regular well attended sporting events as well as a number of other attractions.

Houston is a significant city that has a huge number of local communities along with some historic neighborhoods. The Downtown, the Midtown, the Uptown are the main districts of the city. Downtown is of course the center of the city and is filled with innumerous options for entertainment.

Uptown is no less lively. The cosmopolitan Galleria shopping mall is situated here. There are a huge number of excellent attractions on offer even at the Midtown area, which can be accessed easily via the light railroad of the city.

Also make site that you visit the Museum District, which has a huge number of art galleries and museums. The Theater District is a cluster of top theaters of the city. This is situated in central downtown. The Heights is another famous destination. It is located on the North West side of downtown, with numerous specialty shops and historic buildings.