Myrtle Beach Family Resorts

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has become one of the most popular vacation spots in the country. With the beautiful beaches and loads of family-friendly activities, it is no wonder why parents have been taking their kids here for years. You are about to be given information on the best Myrtle Beach All Inclusive Resorts.

One of the most intriguing vacation destinations along the East Coast for decades has been Myrtle Beach. It is a place for all types of different people to gather together and experience the holidays, summer, spring break and more. While it might not be the emerald coast, the sand is light in color and the water is magnificent. You can book your vacation at Myrtle Beach all inclusive resorts for a cheap price, and then you can find out what awaits you at this wonderful beach city.

Take Your Vacation At Myrtle Beach All Inclusive Resorts

All kinds of activities await you, and many of the resorts feature their own world. You can enjoy numerous swimming pools, many of them ocean front, float down the lazy river, play putt putt golf, visit the gift shop, eat at a nice restaurant, visit and arcade, and that is before you even leave the resort!

There are over 1,000 restaurants inside the city of Myrtle Beach, so you can decide on just about any cuisine you would like. Meet travelers from all over the world, and visit during certain local events. Catch a Pelicans minor league game, or perhaps take a ride on the Sky Wheel.

Broadway at the Beach features numerous shows that you can watch, among various restaurants and other activities. There are awesome water parks and golf courses, an amusement park and also the Boardwalk!

The Boardwalk was built in 2010, and it has already received honors for being one of the best in the United States. You can stroll along the boardwalk, finding neat little niche shops or visiting one of the many Ripley’s adventures.

Golfing in Myrtle Beach is second to none. Many of the Myrtle Beach all inclusive resorts are specifically for golfers who are looking to book their perfect trip. Did you know that a lot of the nice golf courses in Myrtle Beach have been cleverly designed by famous golfers and are not only nationally-ranked but also ranked as some of the best courses in the world?

Do you like collecting seashells and shark teeth? Look at the different resort options you have, and book one that is by one of the piers if you are a shell and shark tooth collector. Booking a resort by 2nd ave pier will also put you close to the Boardwalk.

Myrtle Beach is a great destination even year round. During the winter months, the snow birds pile in here to experience better weather than up north and to be on the beach. While some attractions are closed during the off season, there is still plenty to do.

Do you want to catch a charter boat and go fishing or fish off the pier? Would you like to go parasailing? Perhaps you want to eat a nice lunch at one of the restaurants on the pier. Also, remember that not only is Myrtle Beach a premier golfing destination, but it is also considered the putt putt capitol of the world. You will be amazed at many of the putt putt golf courses that are available to you and your family.

Whether you’re going on a college spring break trip, visiting with your family during the summer, or taking advantage of one of the many other reasons to visit Myrtle Beach, you are sure to not be disappointed.

Imagine waking up to a precious sunset on the beach, or maybe you want to go down and feed the seagulls. Perhaps you’ve just bought your kids new boogie boards or skim boards. Maybe you just want to catch the sun’s rays or take a walk down the coastline.

Many Myrtle Beach all inclusive resorts also provide the extra-added benefit of being able to bring along your pet if that is your thing. Myrtle Beach allows pets on the beach after 5 pm during the season, and there are plenty of parks and other activities for your dog as well.

After the season is over, you can bring your dog on the beach any time during the day. Traffic is less heavy, and there is more opportunities to do things with your dog on the beach.

Are you a surfer? Don’t think you have to hit the west coast or Florida to catch the right waves. While Myrtle Beach waves aren’t always the largest, weather patterns change this quite frequently. You can enjoy some nice waves, and surfers are known for catching them quite often.

When you come to Myrtle Beach, it is a destination that will keep you busy, active and having fun. Millions of people vacation here every year. It is rated as one of the top beaches in the United States.

The resorts in Myrtle Beach, many of them new since the real estate boom several years ago, are top-notch. You will definitely enjoy your stay, and you are going to feel like you don’t want to return home.

Another great thing is there are all types of resorts for all types of travelers. If you’re looking for a certain perk or room style, you’re going to be able to find it. As a matter of fact, Myrtle Beach is known for having almost 400 different resorts, which means you could stay in a different one each day of the year! What a thought!

So march on down to Myrtle Beach during the season and see what you and your family are missing. It’s a great vacation destination that looks to provide you with the best entertainment and the best resorts that money can buy.

Myrtle Beach Resorts

  • Sea Crest Resort
  • Dunes Village Resort
  • Westgate Resort
  • Landmark Resort
  • The Breakers Resort
  • Caravelle Resort
  • Island Vista Resort
  • Caribbean Resort
  • Sea Mist Resort
  • Monterey Bay Resort
  • Springmaid Beach Resort
  • Barefoot Resort
  • Coral Reef Resort
  • Long Bay Resort