Denver downtown

Denver, Colorado – Sights and Attractions

Denver has a huge number of sights and things to do. It is certainly Colorado’s most rewarding destination. The city is home to 2 major amusement parks. There is a multitude of entertainment, shopping and dining experiences.

The unique collection of culinary experiences is another must reason to visit Denver. There are a host of attractions aimed at families with children. There is the Denver Zoo, along with an aquarium.

Denver downtown

However, the city is also not without natural attractions. Just outside Denver is the Red Rocks, which is a beautiful location with many attractions. The outdoor amphitheater here has had many different bands performing here, all through the summer season.

If you are here with family, make sure you fit in a visit to the world renowned Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant. The dining here is commendable, but the Acapulco style pools are where the real action is. There are pirate skits, caves and a whole others.

The restaurant is claimed to be the largest restaurant in America, and is fifty two thousand sq feet in height, and has a seating capacity of a thousand people. There is an eighty five foot tower here, along with a twenty two karat gold dome on the peak.

The sixteenth street mall is yet another location worth visiting. There are a number of cafes and shops here, and the streets are closed to automobiles.