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St. Louis Zoo, Missouri: Top 7 highlights

Nothing can be as appealing as the St. Louis zoo in the nation, which is also the leading one in the fields of research, management, conservation, and information. Nestled in the Forest Park, this zoo is the best one in the country as per the Zagat as well as ...Read More

Touring New York on Wheel Chair: A Guide

New York is one of the most interesting places to visit in the world. The ever buzzing, fast life and concrete canyons are always a thrill, no matter how long you’ve stayed in the big city.

But it is that unique feature of New York that ironically makes ...Read More

The Newbie Traveller’s Guide to Avoiding Mistakes on Their First Trip

When I started my wanderlust lifestyle some years ago, I wasn’t prepared for most of the things I encountered. I was more impulsive in my younger years and my trips where decided on a whim. Although, it’s advisable to get spontaneous once in a while, it’s better to plan every ...Read More

Best vacation destinations in the summer

Summer is always a welcome holiday foe many. It is a time when you can just relax, host energetic parties, go for a dip in the pool or just enjoy the never ending sun. To enjoy this beautiful season in your calendar, I have made a summary of the most ...Read More

What to Remember When Traveling to NYC

Before you leave for that exciting trip to New York City, there are a few things you’ll want to do to ensure you have a great experience. We know that you already have a ton of things to do before you start traveling, but these tips are all worthwhile, ...Read More

Living in Hawaii: Pros and cons

Perfect golden beaches, balmy breezes, and lush greenery. You step out of your grass hut on the beach, meander to the shore and cast a net for a fish. Then you laze in a hammock under a palm tree. This is a mainlander’s view of the idyllic life in ...Read More

A Beginners Guide to Traveling Around the US by Plane

America is a very big country. As a first time traveller, its size can overwhelm you. The U.S states are the same size as many European countries, and moving cross country can take from a couple of hours to days, depending on what mode of transport you are using.…

...Read More

Mesa Verde National Park

Regarded as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mesa Verde National Park is situated in Montezuma province of Colorado. Mesa Verde is the Spanish word that when translated into English means ‘green table’ due to its forests of juniper and pinon trees. The main unique feature of this ...Read More

Places of interest in New Mexico

It is only a 3 -4 hr. trip but the trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Chaparral, New Mexico which is a small community just north of El Paso, Texas can find many interesting stops. There are two primary ways that to travel to Albuquerque from the ...Read More

Visiting Kauai, Hawaii with teenagers

Pause for a moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold and exhale. Your senses explode with tropical, fruity, and floral scents. Waves crash in the distance, and the roosters which rule the island crow. Now, your Kauaiian vacation has officially begun.…

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