Six ways how to earn money while travelling

Nothing makes travelling as easy as money. Instead of wasting money during a long trip, you can still earn it. Moreover, working at your destination allows you to get in touch with the local people and get to know a foreign culture from the inside out. Teaching English in China, working in the hostel, restaurant or as a marketing freelancer – those and much more opportunities are waiting out there for you. Use your skills and don’t put away your travel plans anymore. See how you can travel and earn money at the same time:

earn money while travelling

Au pair

 Au pair is a babysitter who lives with her host family and is receiving pocket money from them as a support. You won’t travel a lot, but you’ll learn the language of the country you’re going to and meet locals. Advertisements are often available at language schools, for example, you can call the schools in the country where you are going and ask. You can also check out and the government’s job placement websites.

Employed as a waiter or bartender

the locals often do not speak the language, so if you have communicative English you can collect orders and tips. In popular tourist destinations, English is often more important than local – of course, when it comes to work in the gastronomy. It’s best to search directly on the spot.

Teaching English

Today, everyone realizes that good knowledge of English is an open gateway to the future and good earnings. Parents are keen to invest in the future of their children, and you as a foreigner are perfect candidate for that. You can give private lessons or be employed as a teacher at school. Of course, the higher your qualifications, the better your earnings. It is good to consider teaching options in language schools or privately in countries where there is a high demand for teachers. Many people are teaching English in China, South Korea or Taiwan. You can search for job offers at, for example.

Teaching English

Hotels and hostels

Work is easy and you can get to know many travellers. You can start your search by sending your CV to hostels and hotels before departure. Hostels on the other hand, as a rule, offer free accommodation and meals in exchange for a few hours a week of work at the reception desk / cleaning staff or so on.

Digital nomads

Here, the only condition is to be located in a place with good Internet access. The list with professions that can be performed online is long. The most important is the IT industry, office management, design, etc. There is no shortage of job offers. Popular site with job offers is Flex Jobs Working Nomands.

Digital nomads

Show your skills

Do you play an instrument, do you know magic tricks? Go to the popular bar and offer your performance as an attraction of the evening.

Can you dance, know the secrets of massage, ect? Organize a quick and short course and then announce it at Meet up!