Can You Not Find A Pastime For Weekend: We Have Something Cool To Offer

It’s never too late to start playing games, and especially those, making your brain work like never before. You can think that we’ll talk about any board or video games, but it’s not so. There’s another way to play the game that’ll benefits your brain — to visit one of the escape rooms. This way of entertainment became especially popular over the past few years, and it’s not surprising. If you’re tired of going to the cinema, having evening walks in the park, playing video games, and want to try something new — EscapeHour is your best choice.

Many people go to escape rooms in Calgary alone, but we recommend our visitors to take 2-3 friends to enjoy this experience fully. Our quests help people improve communication and relationship with each other. Besides the opportunity to have a good time, people can boost their memory, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, motor skills, and, of course, your mood. We are sure there are a few escape rooms in each city, but they can’t compare to our location.

Escape Hour is a top-rated game location by TripAdvisor, and this opinion is to be trusted. Our company was launched a few years ago, and it didn’t prevent us from gaining popularity fast.

What Distinguishes EscapeHour From Other Escape Rooms?

You should visit one of our locations at least once, dive into one interesting story you choose to understand the difference between us and competitors. If you aren’t ready to do it yet, check the list of our benefits. A couple of the following sentences will convince you.

  • A variety of themes. Bank robbery, The Matrix, The 5 Elements, Cypherspace, and many other rooms are available for booking. As you see, several rooms are based on beloved movies to let each fan dive into the atmosphere of the favorite movie.
  • Professional assistance of GameMaster. 90% of people coming to us are newbies, so it’s essential they need some help. Each room is equipped with cameras and microphones so that people get tips during the game.
  • We hose big groups of people. Our largest escape room can accept up to 10 people. Contact us and we’ll find a suitable option for you and your friends.
  • Visits are private. When you book a room, no one other group of people will be there.

Contact us to make a reservation and be on time — we are waiting for you.