Four Reasons Why You Should Check Out Turkish Baths in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, is known for its scenic spots and historical places. It is a very popular tourist destination in the country, with over 12 million tourists visiting the city per year. However, did you know that Budapest is also called the “City of Spas”? With its natural Turkish spas built way back during the Turkish Period (1541-1686), the nickname is well-deserved. Locals love Turkish baths, and for good reasons: it has tons of benefits in the body.

What is so special about a Turkish bath?

As of now, there are four Turkish bath Budapest locations available for both locals and tourists: Rudas, Király, Rácz, and Császá. Turkish baths, or hammam, are a hydro-therapy treatment that will remind you of the sauna at first glance. However, instead of steam, this bath focuses on the warmth of the water to get the benefits. The water is gently heated until the proper temperature is reached. Visitors often lie on a slab made of stone and then massaged with essential oil.

The four best benefits of Turkish baths for your body

1.     Helps relieve stress

The temperature of the water is just right when you’re having a Turkish bath. Not too warm, but not too cold: one of its enjoyable properties is the generated heat that comes naturally with the bath location. This warmth helps break muscle tension from the body, helping it relax and relieve stress. If you want a healthier mind and body, or even to unwind after a long day, taking a Turkish bath will help you relieve your pent up stress.

2.     Keeps your skin healthy and clean

Having the right temperature, Turkish baths are also known to cleanse the skin. Just like in saunas, the heat will open the skin pores, enabling deep cleansing. When cleaned properly, you can expect a great glow and softer, firmer skin after visiting a Turkish bath location. Its soothing effect is also great for reducing the appearance of dermatitis and acne.


3.     Pumps up your blood circulation

You can also improve your blood circulation after each Turkish bath session. As the heat flows in the body, it helps in dilating blood vessels to promote proper blood circulation. We all know that having unrestricted blood vessels have a lot of benefits, like more efficient oxygen flow, stronger immune system, and keeping your organs in a healthy shape.

4.     Boost your immune system

And last but not least, Turkish baths can be used to stimulate and strengthen the body’s immune system. Similar to the effect of a fever, the heat from the water will not only make your body relaxed; it will also make your immune system more active. What the heat does is breaking certain proteins that start up the immune response. Take note: this is only a supplemental leisure activity for people who wants to strengthen their immune system response. If you’re sick and need medical attention, consult a physician immediately.

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