Housing prices in Abu Dhabi is outpacing Dubai

Recent figures show that housing and rental prices in the capital, Abu Dhabi, has overtaken those in Dubai, for the first time. The HSBC report showed that the average rent per square metre in Abu Dhabi was $272 per square metre in quarter four of this year compared to $430 per square metre in quarter last year.

If we compare this to Dubai’s figures of $343 in Quarter four and $420 per square metre in quarter two, the difference is notable. This highlights a substantial shift towards the capital and highlights the importance of the recently opened Better Homes office in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi, which means ‘Father of the Gazelle’, the capital of the UAE is a city that has managed to stay rooted to its Arabian culture and heritage, despite all and sundry comparisons to its buzzing neighbour, Dubai. It may not be flashy and ritzy, but it surely is the most soulful city of the UAE. Exuding Arabian charm and a laid back way of life, Abu Dhabi is for all those who enjoy life in the slow lane and need time to stop and stare.

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Over the years, Abu Dhabi has become the cover page of UAE’s booming economy. The emirate has something to offer for everyone; combining year round sunshine with the serenity of the desert, vast stretches of white sandy beaches, rugged mountain terrains, spectacular sand dunes, and world class facilities for leisure and recreation.