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Canary Wharf: A Banker’s Paradise

Once one of London’s busiest ports, Canary Wharf has gone through a major refurbishment in recent years and is now also home to one of the tallest buildings in London, Canada One Square. Akin the skyline seen in New York, the sleek towers of the region dominate the London skyline. The district, although well-known for its chic buildings, is better known for its famous business inhabitants, with many of the major banks and businesses based here including, Barclays, Citigroup, Clifford Chance, Credit Suisse, HSBC, KPMG, MetLife, Skadden, State Street and Thomson Reuters. This concentration of big businesses has led to a number of things, including excellent transport links and a well-developed centre.

This business prowess is one of the major reasons why Canary Wharf attracts the who’s who of the business world, and property prices certainly reflect that. As well as chic apartments and a thriving business district, the area boasts more than 200 shops, bars and restaurants and luxurious shops, including Tiffany & Co., Jo Malone and Montblanc. With excellent shopping, great transport links and fine dining on offer this region is incredibly popular.

Canary Wharf

If you are looking for somewhere to live in London, then you could certainly do worse than Canary Wharf, check out free ads to find a flat share in one of the coolest regions of London. With restaurants in this district include Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Churchill Place, and Boisdale, a Scottish themed restaurant with live jazz, blues and soul, you certainly can’t go wrong. There is also an oyster and caviar bar, for people with expensive tastes.

Canary Wharf is destined to be one of the most sought after residences in London, and as big business attracts the best paid people, the area will respond with expensive shops to lure in lunchtime spenders and fine dining to help wine and dine clients from around the world.