Exploring Berlin, Germany

The weary traveler seeking something new will not be disappointed by Berlin, Germany. Berlin is one of the greatest metropolises of the world with six million plus citizens, being the heart of Germany. It has been said, one travels to fulfill an unknown desire and rumored that any desire can be fulfilled in Berlin, so traveler look into yourself and find your reasons. If you are looking for luxurious serviced apartments in Berlin choose one near Potzsdam Platz, as this will give you convenient access to both east and west sites.

explore Berlin Germany

The likely route of entry into Berlin will be air via Frankfurt, Germany, a major hub that routes most international airlines. The travel time is less than one hour a god sin factoring a transatlantic flight into the equation, unless of course executive first was your destiny? However, it will be from the air that Berlin is first revealed, that is if you have been fortunate enough to have a window seat. The sight that awaits you as the earth unfolds beneath you, Berlin. The metropolis or concrete jungle imagined is absent, but wait a sea of green, the darkest green you have ever seen, revealing a lush forest. The emerging buildings seem to struggle up through the forest canopy, striving to reach the light. This is where you will find your hidden treasure, Berlin.

To discover Berlin is to be continuously surprised by her hidden beauty, masked by the intoxicating calming foliage of the city and the Tiergarten. The city begs you to enter and provides a sense of ease as you venture by taxi from the Tegel airport to your chosen hotel or business apartments. The names of several 4-5 star accommodations include; Hotel Berlin, the Grand Esplanade, Intercontinental, and Hyatt. It is from one of these fine establishments that you will easily mount your campaign.

Berlin cathedral and river spree

A recommendation at this juncture would be to obtain a tourist map of the city. This map color codes all major sites and attractions including; museums, government buildings and city street names. It is with this information that will form the basis of your Berlin experience. I think a common mistake is the immediate opting for one of the plentiful bus tours or canal boat tours that will find you through the mounds of brochures that eventually fill your hotel room. This can only distort your lasting images of Berlin, as if being seen from a ships porthole. Ignore these methods and from your city map, choose one sight that catches your interest, which may include; The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Zoological Garden, Aquarium, Berliner Dom and Brandenburg Gate.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

If you don’t speak German, don’t worry, almost everyone in a public situation such as a restaurant, museum or theatre and even high street shops will speak English to some degree and often surprisingly well. And Berlin is young and the youth are familiar with British and American culture. Instead of feeling alienated and in a foreign country, you actually feel at home. What’s more, in the centre of Berlin there is a feeling of being safe and unthreatened which is rare in many large cities.