Sibelius Monument

Tourist attractions in Finland

Finland is a territory of majority islands and vegetation than people. So, for a true nature lover, this is no less than the seventh heaven. This Nordic country is a natural gem and certainly deserves a salute from all the passionate visitors. In fact, you will simply not be able to imagine as to how Finland boasts over 30,000 islands located off the coast and over 1,80,000 home lakes. The tourist attractions in Finland will give you a great chance to explore the different territories ranging from the pine forests to the Arctic tundra.

There is nothing that Finland does not offer to its tourists. As nature resides here in its own manner, you have got to discover the amazing activities such as trekking, biking, and skiing as well as the water sports. And yes, among the remaining tourist attractions in Finland, there are museums, national parks, cultural sites, and historic towns. Check them out!

Saimaa lake
Saimaa lake

Helsinki, the capital, is where one can find a myriad of parks, forests, historic architecture, and contemporary edifices. For the tourists, there are marvelous museums, excellent shops, and above all, the Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress that is a World Heritage site. For some historic flavor, head off to Turku that is the oldest hub of historic heritage situated off the Aland Sea. Look for a medieval fortress, countless museums, and a great cathedral. Further, enjoy a boat trip after dusk on the Aurajoki River.

If you are in Finland, you just cannot miss to visit its few islands. One such stunning island is the group of Aland Islands located near Sweden geographically. This is where you can experience a myriad of ideal water sports during the summer days. Further, you can also take a tour of some of the most ancient churches here. And yes, cycling is really a best sport here.

Want to try some swimming and canoeing? Then, there is no other place than Lakeland that is one of the top tourist attractions in Finland. Boating is also one of the top picks here. And yes, one more reason that will pull you here is the tranquil view of the sunsets facilitating memorable photography. Further, there are over 1000 lakes here facilitating some more water sports – water-skiing, sailing, and jet skiing.

Sibelius Monument
Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

Savonlinna is totally a natural heaven where you will be mesmerized by camping, water sports, and bird watching opportunities on the lakes as well as in the forests. Come in July here to be a part of its summer opera celebrations. Are you a friend of reindeer? Then, pull yourself to Lapland in the Arctic North where wilderness is acute in its three stunning national parks. The area is the home of 300,000 reindeers. Trekking is simply ideal with the hiking boots in Lapland where many fine routes hold your attention. This sport is more recommended during early autumn when colorful trees and vegetation have some kind of healing power.

Further, in Lapland, Inari is also worth visiting for all cultural fans. This is a small village acting as the capital of Sami culture. This is the abode of the stunning Siida museum exhibiting Sami culture as well as the wilderness church. If you like trekking or gold panning, visit the Lemmonjoki National Park located nearby, which is the largest of its kind in Finland.

One of the most exciting tourist attractions in Finland for children is in Rovaniemi from where you can reach Lapland easily. Many locations here exhibit the theme of Santa Claus. Here, the major attraction is Arktikum where ecology of the Arctic region and life of Lapland can be discovered. It’s really interesting!

For skiing fun, no place other than Kuopio is popular. The town is spectacular for all kinds of outdoor activities that are associated with the lakes and forests. Particularly, cross-country skiing and ski jumping in the winter tracks of the nearby Puijo Hill are worth pursuing. In the periphery of this town, there is a famous Jätkänkämppä smoke sauna where you can lighten yourself to be free from tension and stress. One more famous sauna is Kotiharjun public sauna in the Kallio district of the capital.

Between Norway and Sweden, there exists the town of Kilpisjarvi from where you need to trek to be at the Saana or Haltia Fell. This is a great adventurous experience, the highest peak providing you a breathtaking vista of three countries at a time.

If you are planning to come in summer, do not miss to visit the captivating city of Oulu. Its specialty is the stalls of seasonal foods and wild berries. Further, the famous Hailuoto Island is just offshore where a myriad of birds stay and produce pleasing sounds.

Do not forget to spot the stunning natural phenomenon of the Polar Night Lights that are also referred to as the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. To spot them, come here anytime between November and May. These waves of lights seem as some light show is happening in the sky making as one of the top natural tourist attractions in Finland. Midsummer is the perfect to come when all 24 hours the sun shines. Visitors and locals plan for their holidays mostly during this time.