Holidays in the Polish mountains. Where to stay in South Poland?

Even though summer is almost over, many of us are still yet to go on our holidays. Autumn is a perfect time to relax due to less occupancy and better availability of attractions. If you are visiting Poland from UK and decide on spending your break in the mountains, you should also book a perfect place of accommodation that will ensure you get the best holiday experience for the years to come. Where to stay in South Poland and what attractions are available?

Poland holidays 2022. The best place to help you relax

Foreigners who decide to go on holidays to Poland often have a dilemma about the destination. The sea and mountain areas are up for consideration, with both ensuring a great experience for the whole family. What if you could combine them? With Lemon Resort, the unique Hotel in the Beskid Niski, it is possible. Of all Poland holiday destinations, it is this place that provides you with a one-time experience of the closeness of the picturesque Lake Rożnów and the wide range of mountains. Given its location, the Resort is a great opportunity to explore foothills and bask in the stunning views of the landscape. Situated less than 110 from Cracow, it gives visitors a relatively fast way of arriving at its grounds from the Balice airport. The hotel itself is a fuse of nature and modernity, with beautiful architecture, luxury rooms and a high-quality SPA area with a rich offer of free treatments to help you relax. All rooms are equipped with essentials and can fit up from 2 up to 6 people, depending on their type. Leisure sections of each give you a perfect opportunity to admire lakeside and mountain views any time of the day, also posing as the ideal background for family holiday pictures.

Top attractions for weekend breaks to Poland. What to do in the mountains?

No matter if a long-term Poland holiday, or a simple weekend getaway, you have various options for spending your free time in the mountains that you can choose from. Lemon Resort, the unique Hotel in the Beskid Niski, given its location, offers not only summer but also winter attractions, as well as a perfectly accommodated wellness area with indoor and outdoor pools. For active visitors, a cruise on a catamaran or a motor boat, as well as swimming on an electric surfboard, may bring a thrill of adrenaline and excitement. Additionally, winter sports lovers need not feel left out. Situated near the Resort, snow-covered slopes and perfect jogging and skiing infrastructure may become appealing to brave expeditors. If, by any chance, you would prefer indoor relaxation, taking advantage of the Hotel’s year-round attractions, which include a game room, well-equipped gym, a squash court, and a playground for children, is also up for consideration. After a long day of activities and much-needed rest, you can do a taste check of the best cuisine of the region in the restaurant. The dishes, as well as all the drinks, will be a perfect culmination of your Poland holidays, which you will never forget.

lemon resort spa

Is it safe to holiday in Poland? Is it pricey? Let’s talk basics!

The past 2 years of the pandemic made us question whether it is safe to go on holidays or if it is better to stay within our own grounds. Naturally, such a journey was much more complicated during the beginning stage of the disease. However, month by month, the restrictions have been slowly loosening and, in some cases, completely disappeared. If you are planning to spend your holidays in Poland, you can breathe a sigh of relief. As of today, no one needs to do any tests to prove their health and cannot be subjected to quarantine. It certainly relieves you from unnecessary stress and any extra costs. While planning their holidays, first-time visitors often pose a question: is Poland cheap? Of course, it all depends on your expectations and demands. For one person, the stay in the Beskid Niski will be a real bargain. The other, however, may find it too much of an expense. Nonetheless, bear in mind that experiences and memories from this journey will stay with you forever, and those are priceless.


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