Top Myrtle Beach Tourist Attractions

Are you planning a visit to Myrtle Beach and want to know the best Myrtle Beach tourist attractions? This article will detail several of the best beach attractions that Myrtle Beach has to offer. Continue reading to see how you can turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary trip your family will remember for a lifetime.

Alligator Adventure

One of the top Myrtle Beach tourist attractions is Alligator Adventure. This zoo is filled will exotic animals, including alligators, tortoises, snakes and lions. While visiting Alligator Adventure, make sure that you watch the staff feed the alligators. Youngsters will squeal when the alligators jump out of the water to grab fish that the trainers throw. Utan is one of the largest crocodiles on exhibit in the USA. Plan this adventure early in your trip because your ticket allows you to return to the zoo a second day for free.

Myrtle Beach

Live Entertainment

Do you enjoy live entertainment? There are several to choose from including Carolina Opry. This show features a cast of 36 dancers, musicians and comedians. The Carolina Opry offers state of the art sound in its 2200 seat facility.

For a unique dinner show experience, choose either Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament or Pirates Voyage – Fun, Feast & Adventure. The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament features jousting contest with a delicious four course meal. Pirates Voyage- Fun Feast and Adventure features live animals, acrobatics and a five course meal served aboard a pirate ship.

Putt Putt

There are numerous putt-putt courses available up and down the Grand Strand. Hawaiian Rumble is considered one of the best putt putt courses in the world. This course is used for the Masters of Mini Golf yearly, so the course is challenging. Mayday Golf features a 36 hole putt putt course for families. Cancun Lagoon allows visitors to get out of the heat while enjoying a rousing round of miniature golf.

Broadway at the Beach

Broadway at the Beach is located just a few blocks inland and features a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment options. This award winning shopping center features many activities for the entire family. Whether you want to visit Ripley’s Aquarium, MagiQuest or the amusement park, you can find it at this location.

There are many Myrtle Beach tourist attractions to be found in Myrle Beach. You will be able to find a variety of activities at Myrtle Beach. Whether you are looking for an action packed vacation or a relaxing vacation, Myrtle Beach has it all.