How to Live Like a Local in Salzburg

You’ve already played the ‘typical tourist’ in Salzburg. You photographed every corner of Mozart’s birth place, and you went to every museum and cathedral there is. But now it’s time to move it up a notch and do all the things that local people also do. It’s the best way to experience Salzburg to its full extent.

  1. Go to the theatre or a classic concert

Salzburg is a place that has always been culturally active, so you’ll always find a play or some sort of indoor concert around. Locals generally fish for such events to blow off the steam from a hard week, which is why it may be a better idea to join them there rather than going to pricey festivals going around for tourists.


  1. Scout the Hills

There is more to Salzburg than the busy streets and the Mozart stickers. It is a place where nature is similar to a hiking paradise, perfect for beginners and adventurers. Tourists can start with the local classic spots such as Festungsberg and Kapuzinerberg, but those who wish for something more demanding can go for Untersberg and Gaisberg.

  1. Read in the Old Town

Salzburg is a place where literature has flourished over time, which is why it’s not unusual to see locals sitting in quiet corners, reading their favorite books. Pick up a volume written by a Salzburg intellectual, and live the life just like a local would.

  1. Make friends with the locals

Salzburg in not only “everything-Mozart;” it is also filled with locals, each with their own experience and their own thoughts on the culture. If you want to live the life of a local, you need to learn to mingle with the locals. They’ll show you around their favorite spots which aren’t necessarily tourist attractions.

  1. Go to the farm market

Instead of hitting the expensive vendors in central city, I recommend you go to the farm markets to get your local products. Not only are they cheap, but everyone is buying their products from there.

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