Camping in Myrtle Beach

There’s no place on earth quite like Myrtle Beach, and there’s nothing as refreshing as staying at one of the Myrtle Beach Campgrounds and RV resorts that grace the Grand Strand area.

With the increasing influx of millions of visitors to the Myrtle Beach area every year, new high-rise hotels and resorts are built, slowly but surely redefining the Grand Strand landscape; the feel of a sleepy southern beach resort feeling is moving into the past — at least for most visitors.

The one place you and your family can capture and retain that relaxing atmosphere is at one of the many Myrtle Beach area campgrounds and RV resorts.

Staying at a Myrtle Beach campground or RV resort gives you and your family the best of both worlds: Enjoy the serenity of accommodations still surrounded by natural landscaping, and venture out to the glitz and excitement of the Grand Strand’s live shows, theme parks, amusement parks, restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment complexes, and shopping centers.