Spending a vacation at the Santorini Grace

Santorini Grace is a lustrous white wonder incredibly carved from a cliff top perched on the nation’s sunset heaven. Stumbling on the Caldera cliff facade, this beautiful hotel abruptly extends its wings above the various levels including a fine restaurant occupying its private floor. Seeming as a whitewashed waterside stronghold, the hotel’s party sight stretches until the terrace of the long pool at night.



Speaking about Santorini Grace rooms, there are 20 in number including 7 suites. The rates for low season range from €275 to €1,075; while for the mid season, the range is from €325 to €1,275. During the high season, the rates can be anywhere between €375 and €1,425. These charges include breakfast, tax, as well as airport/port pick and drop.

Among the amenities, you can expect gym, free WiFi, rented laptops (PCs and MACs), and library of books/DVDs/CDs. In addition, in rooms, you can expect TV, DVD player, Cocomat beds, iPod dock, and the bath items from Korres. Talking about the poolside, you have two options from which you can select or can go for the both. The hotel boasts two pools at the outdoors. One is the long pool, while the other one stretches by the side of the hotel front that is just ideal for swimming and simultaneously for spotting the Skaros Rock. The common features of both these pools are that they are adorned with comfortable double loungers and shower outdoors. The check-out time is 12 pm, but it can be delayed as per the availability where you end up paying half price more of the total room rate (150%). The check-in time, by the earliest, is 2 pm.

Regarding children, the hotel welcomes only the ones who are above 14. So, toddlers would not enjoy here at all. If you are in need of additional beds, each of them will cost you €75 if the season is low, €100 during the mid season, and €125 in peak days.

Grace Hotel Santorini


If you wish to add more fun to the experience of a plunge pool, ensure that you book a Grace Suite that comes with such a pool. This means that you can enjoy a plunge pool indoor also along with a divider to make you totally ocean-facing or to ensure privacy. At outdoors, such a pool is on the terrace. So you can double the fun of the plunge pools.

There are VIP Suites too that are also adorned with the plunge pools, but they are bigger in size, offer steam rooms, as well as are adorned with a few showy light fittings. No matter which room you choose, all of them are crumbly white holding bright cushions as well as rugs to disintegrate the tranquility.



The chalky restaurant is really admirable for its modern Greek cuisine – all thanks to its award winning chef named Spiros Agious. So, do not forget to try the varied vegetarian dishes, especially the Cretan beef decorated with the celeriac ragu as well as a pear. On display, there is a kitchen as well as the melted lava rock in black.

Places to visit Near-by

Apart from historical sites on the island such as Aktotiri or Thera Museum, best thing you can do is to visit hot springs of the volcanos. If you are really in to historical sites then you may also want to explore Ephesus City in Turkey as the ruins of the city is over 2500 years old.

Want to know what kind of attire will suit you the best? Well, anything sparkling is just fine. In fact, bright colors will do well at Santorini Grace. And yes, after sunset, gents are not allowed to be in bare legs. The best table for a cozy supper is at one of the two niches dominating the infinity pool as well as the caldera bay. The leisurely breakfast timings start from 8 am and end at 11.30 am, while the lunch timings are until 7 pm. This is really strange. See if you can find out the reason for it! For dinner, you are welcomed anytime until 11 pm. Room service is also offered here that offers breakfast in your suite itself during the dedicated timings and snacks throughout the day from 8 am to 11 pm. Snacks mostly include salads, puddings, and pizzas. Cool!