Villas at Porto Maho, St. Maarten

The Maho Group, a St. Maarten-based developer of resorts and real estate, announce the sales release of The Villas at Porto Maho, an exclusive, new waterfront, residential community of just ten villas. The four-, five- and six-bedroom villas boast a minimum 18,000 square feet of living space (for a four-bedroom villa) with prices starting from $4.2M.

The Maho Group has distinguished itself over the last three decades as a pioneer of international resorts, working to interlace chic lifestyles sensitively with local environments and communities. The Villas epitomize all that expertise, seamlessly providing a refuge, but also cultural context

Designed by the Italian firm, Associated Architects, each of the residences will overlook the ocean at famed Simpson Bay Lagoon. The contemporary style will showcase the region’s natural beauty with skylights and floor-to-ceiling sheets of glass with views of the lagoon, the Caribbean Sea and distant Anguilla.

Linear contemporary style marries Caribbean traditions. Slabs of stone and sustainable woods anchor the design. Modern expanses of glass merge the interior and exterior experiences. More than a third of an acre (1550 square meters) of grounds flow into the grade of the hillside, merging the villa’s silhouette with the natural skyline.

A series of terraces ascend from a private pier to a hot tub and swimming pool, then an outdoor salon area, past the home’s two stories and finally to a trellised parking space for several cars

Elevators connect the residence’s levels. Each floor plan is completely customizable: elements could include a gym, media room and four to six bedrooms, each with its own closet, bathroom and shaded deck.

All of these exclusive residences give back to nature’s beauty with green elements. As cool trade winds sweep across the lagoon, they flow up the terraces. The landscaping and architecture embrace these breezes, limiting the need for artificial temperature controls.

The architects also weave eco-friendly practices throughout the community: solar panels, rainwater collection and filtration system, a black- and grey-water treatment plant, low-energy electrical and air-conditioning systems that recycle heat.

Locally sourced materials command center stage, whenever possible. This upscale community features only wood from sustainable forests and items guaranteed to be toxic-free – from production to installation and daily use.

Walls of aerated concrete blocks insulate further against high temperatures, as well as ambient noise. (They’re also nontoxic, fire-resistant and insect-proof). Even the windowpanes reflect The Villas at Porto Maho’s elegantly practical environmental ethos: each is shaded and pyrolytic-coated to reduce heat transmission.

Unique among Caribbean communities, the Villas at Maho blend life aquatic with bespoke design. Architects tailor the villa’s pier and dock house to suit individual style: from another bedroom to a loft-style lounge or yacht-captains’ quarters. Adventurous owners can request storage space for kayaks, windsurfers, submarines, catamarans, jet skis, scuba and other sea-going gear. And they can keep vessels – from dinghies to yachts – sparkling with optional boat lifts.

Service here remains paramount and each of these stunning luxury homes also caters to paramount comfort and ease. Security, maintenance, gardening and pool services are available, as well as catering and housekeeping on request.

This landmark real estate project anchors what will be known as Porto Maho, a “destination within a destination.” The area is already home to the island’s largest casino, exhilarating nightclubs, the region’s best duty-free shopping and an array of international restaurants. Porto Maho signifies a new concept in Caribbean living; the seamless integration of lifestyle and domicile with everything one needs to live comfortably and effortlessly.

A dual-island nation, St. Martin/St. Maarten embodies all the poise and style that its French and Dutch cultures imply. One of the Caribbean’s original jet-set destinations, where celebrity meets society in a cosmopolitan swirl; its nightlife buzzes, its beaches rival its counterparts and its restaurants spill over into a culinary cornucopia. More fabulous still is the way of life here. It’s textbook island paradise, with all the perks. With international banks, duty-free shops, high-kicking nightlife, yachting and boating galore, countless beaches, and gourmet produce flown in from France daily, the island is an altar to carefree tropical leisure.