Investment Property in Thailand

Investment Property in Thailand has become increasing popular over the last few years, and as business citizens become more determined to own their own properties, it has made sense to invest further in the property market in Thailand. Probably, when starting out in investment property the most likely thing to do would be to invest in your local area.

The obvious reasons for this are that you can deal with agents and solicitors that you are familiar with, and generally keep an eye on your investment. However, having said this you must ask yourself … do you want to buy a local property, or do you want to make money from your investment? … I can imagine you would prefer the latter!

You must be fully aware of the property market, and any investment that you make must be in the right area, which has high rental demands amongst other things. Will your rent cover mortgage payments in 5-6 months if interest rates rise? You must also make sure you are aware of what it is you are actually buying … the area, the demand, the crime rates, transport, and if the area is a redevelopment area.