Top Three Hop on Hop off Budapest Buses for Your Tour

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a beautiful place to visit. However, without the best tour services, you might not enjoy most of the city. There are three major tour companies in Budapest, and they provide hop on hop off buses for their clients.

In this article, we will talk about the top 3 tour buses in Budapest. So, read through to get the best Budapest hop on hop off bus tour for your next anticipated trip to Budapest.

hop on hop off budapest

The Green Line Tour: This bus is under the City Circle Tour Company. It offers you a tour that lasts for about 2.5 hours, with 20 stops at different exciting locations, which includes Opera House, New York Palace, Astoria, and Széchenyi Square – where you can see the amazing Art-Nouveau Gresham Palace.

Also, you are entitled to an audio guide in 25 languages all through the tour. Another exciting part of this tour is that you can decide to change from the Green Line Bus to the Pink Line, one of the companies’ buses or a boat tour at some of the stops. Once you get your ticket, you can board the bus at the Basilica on Szt. István Square from 10 am – 5 pm. Your ticket lasts for 48 hours. This bus departs daily from 1st April – till 2nd November.

The Yellow Line Bus Tour: This is under the Giraffe Hop On Hop Off Tour Company. This bus tour lasts for 2 hours with a maximum of 20 stops including Városháza Park, Zwack Unicum Museum & Visitor Centre, and Margaret Bridge, Kálvin tér, the National Museum and the Petöfi Square, where you can go on a boat tour if you wish. On this bus, you are also entitled to an audio guide in 22 languages. The yellow line bus moves daily, all year round.

hop on hop off budapest

Big Bus Tour (dark-red buses with their tops open): The big bus tour is one of the biggest tour companies, and it provides two bus tours, one in the day and one at night. This company uses dark-red buses with open-tops, which makes it much more fun. The first bus departs early in the morning from Heroes’ square at around 9:06 am with 27 stops and an audio guiding in 23 languages, and the night bus departs at 7:30 pm for an hour tour. Apart from the bus tours, your ticket covers one and a half hour walking tour if you wish and a river trip.

Now you know about the best Budapest hop on hop off bus tour, you can make the best choice for the best tour experience. However, we will recommend that you try more than two buses to explore the city in different ways and routes. Also, it is worth noting here that the buses mentioned above are from three different tour companies, and therefore their prices differ. However, they all offer bus tours, boat, and well-guided walking tours.