Krakow Accommodation & Hostels

A good place to stay in allows for quick and cheap transportation to many different points of the planned trip. Well, maybe not always planned… if anyone gets to Draggo House by the Gołębia street, one will see so many attractions around that one could go sightseeing all day without any plan.

Is it possible to spend a day sightseeing within one kilometre from your accommodation?

Is it possible to spend a nice day in the centre of Krakow within one kilometre from the place you are staying in? Yes, if the accommodation in Krakow is in the Old Town. We take up a challenge!

Hostel in Krakow is very well located – it’s in the south part of the Old Town. What is more, the prizes are affordable in compare to other hostels in the area. Draggo Krakow Hostel offers very well done interiors, comfy beds, separate bathrooms, single-, double-,four- and ten bed rooms. You will find a place for individual clients and organised groups – e.g. school trips.

Challenge accepted…

To be true to our word – we present a list of chosen attractions within less than a kilometre form Draggo House by Gołębia street. We underline the word “chosen” because if we wished to list all, it would have taken multiple times more space. By the way – the distance is not measured by straight line but is actual to the real way you need to take from one place to another.

Chosen landmarks and attractions within 1000 metres from the hostel:

  • Orthodox church of the Exalation of the Holy Cross – 100 metres
  • Cellar under the Rams – 150 metres
  • Church of St. Francis of Assisi – 170 m
  • The Monument of Copernicus – 200 m
  • Ludowy theatre – 200 m
  • Pope’s window – 220 m
  • Philharmonic of Krakow -270 m
  • The Main Square – 280 m
  • Church of St. Wojciech – 300 m
  • The Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre – 350m
  • The Museum of Krakow -350 m
  • The Monument of Adam Mickiewicz – 350m
  • Mary’s Basilica – 400 m
  • The Museum of Illusion – 400 m
  • Contemporary Art Museum KERSTEN – 500 m
  • The Princes Czartoryski Museum – 650 m
  • The Wawel Castle and Cathedral – 700 m
  • Pijar church – 650 m
  • Matejko house and National Museum – 650 m
  • The Florian Gate – 800 m
  • Barbican – 800 m
  • Slowacki Theatre – 850 m
  • Stained Glass Workshop and Museum – 850 m
  • The Monument of Lilia Weneta – 850 m
  • National Museum – 950 m
  • Anthropological Museum – 1000 m

What else?

As we mentioned before, that is not all what a good localisation has to offer – it is, also, easy to get in to. From Draggo to the Train Station and Bus Station is approximately 2 kilometres. The nearest bus stop is 260 metres away from the hostel.

We mentioned only a few churches among a dozen in the Old Town. The situation is similar with cafes, restaurants and bars – styles, cuisines, interior and prizes may differ dramatically. Krakow is not only landmarks and museums. In the Main Square area we may find around 14 music places (including clubs). If you want to get crazy, you may be sure of it.