Schonbrunn palace, Vienna

Top 5 Tourist Mistakes in Vienna

Vienna is the ultimate place for you to visit, either in terms of history, cultural heritage, art or deliciously sinful pastries, not to mention the great classical composers. The most impressive thing about Vienna is that it stands out as a “new old city”, meaning that it is a city in transition from an older “picture city to being a global city.

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Schonbrunn palace, Vienna
Schonbrunn Palace

When in Vienna, you have to make sure that everything is as perfect as it can get, and for that it would be better the most common mistakes that tourists make on a daily base. Here is the top 5 mistakes tourists make in this amazing city.

  1. Not paying attention to the bike lanes

In Vienna, like in any other Austrian city, bikers are everywhere and you should better be careful with them. Not only that they are very fast travel, but they are aggressive and you would not want to stay in their way. Just remember, on those extra-large sidewalks are two lanes: one for pedestrians and one for bikers. Unless you have a bike of your own, it should just stay on your lane.

  1. Drinking bottled water in hotels and restaurants

As hygienic as it may seem, Vienna has one of the best tap water in the world, cool and fresh, and it would really be a shame not to try it out since you are already here. The water is so great that it will be difficult for you to go back to bottled water again.

  1. Getting tricked by the “Authentic Viennese” label

As famous as Vienna is for its coffee and its cafes, not all of them are that good and worth spending your money on them. The thing with some of these Viennese cafes is that they are taking advantage of this good reputation and do not take quality or tradition into consideration anymore. The best thing would be to just check some reviews online and make sure that the traditional Viennese cafe where you choose to serve your morning coffee is truly authentic.

  1. Jaywalking

As tempting as it may sometimes seem to just jaywalk and arrive to your destination three seconds earlier, Viennese doesn’t find it that interesting, especially if they are working for the police. Unless you want to go home with a fine as a souvenir, you’d better be careful when you cross the street. The surroundings might catch your eye a little too much and that is fine, but safety always come first.

  1. Buying a Vienna Card

The tourist card is no longer a mystery for all the top cities in the world, and Vienna, like many others, offer this opportunity. Usually, a tourist card means that you can benefit of the most amazing discounts, but the ones offered in Vienna only offer negligible discounts and they are quite pricey. The best thing would be for you to make sure that those tourist cards really offer advantages for you.