Barton Creek Resort

Getaway to Barton Creek Resort for playing golf

If you love to play golf then getaway to the Barton Creek Resort which is located in Texas Hill Country that is some fifteen minutes in west of the downtown of Austin. This is ideal place for golf vacation as well as for relaxing at the spa. And more they have tennis center as well.

Eaton Hotel Hong Kong

Eaton Hotel Hong Kong

Stretching from the Golden Mile of Kowloon, the Eaton Hotel Hong Kong is known for its hospitality besides convenience as well as comfort among the business and leisure guests. Give yourself a chance to unwind in its new HK$10 million lobby where you unravel your knotted mind via its new informative reception, E Point, Essentials …

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Santorini tourism

One may think that considering a trip to the surroundings of a Santorini, Greeceworld renowned active volcano which, moreover, is supposed to have obliterated the ancient Minoan civilization, does not stand for the most inspired vacation plans. Despite such aspects, Santorini remains to be one of the first hand tourist choices in the world.

Accommodation in Santorini

Due to its tourist popularity, Santorini covers the entire range of hotels, including luxury hotels and 1-star establishments. However, accommodation solutions can be identified in renting apartments, bungalows or opting for a stay in a villa.

Tourist Attractions in Santorini

Being a tourist paradise, Santorini offers to all visitors the famous White Beach, Red Beach and Black Beach. But the overall view is breathtaking in itself: both the seascape and the landscape are world renowned for their uniqueness, not to mention the specific architecture consisting of cubic white-washed homes and blue-domed churches.

Brief history of Santorini

Nowadays Santorini used to be a corner of the cradle of the Minoan civilization, so its history goes back to the 3rd millennium BC. The population is said to have been extinguished or determined to migrate due to the eruption of the local volcano in the Bronze Age.