Myrtle Beach Things To Do And See

A vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is always a trip to look forward to because there are so many Myrtle Beach things to do other than just visiting the beach and hanging out in your hotel. Not to say that the beach is not inviting and a major reason for the trip, but the huge variety of other venues makes your vacation that much more enjoyable.

The climate of warm temperatures and liberal doses of sunshine keeps the outdoor activities going all day long and well into the evenings at Myrtle Beach. There are water parks and amusement parks that would be the main attractions in their own right, if they were standing alone anywhere else in the country.

Myrtle Beach all inclusive

Jet skiing and parasailing are very popular, as are the banana boat rides. Water is very much in vogue and Myrtle Beach has plenty of that for a family’s pursuit of relaxing pleasures, or thrilling rides and water chutes.

There are two state parks close by that have many outdoor attractions themselves, with picnic and scenic areas featuring the beautiful South Carolina landscape. Fishing is a very popular activity, which can be done from a pier, or by chartering a fishing boat.

There are over 100 golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area, designed by such golf legends as Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, and Robert Trent Jones. The reputation of some of the courses transcends to a nationwide reputation and they are featured in many golfing magazines.

Shopping is a major pastime for all visitors, whether pursued in one of the many wonderful stores in the Myrtle Beach area, many of which are upscale retail establishments, or in the many souvenir shops. There are two malls within easy reach of the beach area, which feature many brand name retailers.

Family entertainment abounds with a wide variety of music, comedy, dinner theaters, movies and concerts. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, of national fame is a wildly interesting visit and one, which you will want to be sure to see. Ripley’s also has Ripley’s Aquarium, Ripley’s 4-D Moving Theater, and Ripley’s Super Fun Zone, for fun Myrtle Beach things to do.

The restaurants and food venues offer cuisine and eating experiences from so many different backgrounds as to boggle the mind. Of course, seafood is highly desired and is one of the most abundant of all the choices. It doesn’t really matter what type of restaurant you enjoy, you will find it very difficult to fine one that has bad food.

The experience you will have at Myrtle Beach will be one, which you will remember for a long time and you will be waiting for the next time that you can return for fun Myrtle Beach things to do.