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Santorini Beaches

There are nine beaches on the island and they are generally set up with loungers, umbrellas and refreshments. The beaches are very different from the traditional white sand variety seen elsewhere. Because of its volcanic birth the sand is red or black and some beaches are pebbled.

The most famous beach is aptly named Red Beach. With red cliffs behind you and warm sea in front it certainly makes for a gorgeous place to spend some time. Perissa beach can get crowded during the summer as it is a tourist resort and close to the Ancient Thera site.

On the other side of the Mesa Vouno rock is another tourist resort and beach, Perivolos. One of the most isolated beaches is Cape Columbo but both this beach and Vourvoulos can be windy. Families with young children tend to head for Monolithos, Avis or Kamari.

Kamari beach
Kamari beach