Wedding in Santorini

Santorini, one of the most gorgeous islands of the Cyclades group, is one of the most sought-after destinations for weddings. Couples all over the world go there to tie the knot among a dramatic landscape, ancient ruins and unforgettable sunset s over the Aegean. If you are planning to have your wedding in an exotic location and would consider travelling all the way to Greece for the big moment, read on.

What people have to say about their Santorini weddings

“Romantic”, “charming”, “spectacular” and “unforgettable” are just some of the words that couples use to describe their wedding in Santorini. The magnificent rugged landscape provides the perfect backdrop, and the world-famous sunsets that you can only witness there guarantee that the wedding pictures will be nothing short of astounding. The venues for weddings are usually located in privileged spots that boast the best views, allowing guest to enjoy the wide expanse of sea dotted with other smaller islands. And after the sunset is finally over, fireworks displays are usually arranged to keep taking advantage of the natural landscape. The location can also be a treat for wedding guest that may be arriving from faraway places, as they have the opportunity to stay for a few days more and explore the many attractions that the island has to offer at a leisure pace.

Fira Santorini

Choosing the church for the wedding
If you are planning a religious wedding ceremony in Santorini, there are plenty of beautiful churches that can be used for the purpose. First of all, you have to decide whether you are interested in a Greek Orthodox or a Roman Catholic wedding ceremony. There are more than four hundred churches belonging to the Greek Orthodox denomination scattered in the island, both only twelve of them are actually available for religious weddings. Among the most popular is the Agios Minas church in Fira, which also offers the Metropolitan Cathedral as an alternative. Another sought-after location for the religious ceremony is the Anastasi church in the village of Imerovigli.

If you are interested instead in a religious ceremony that follows the Roman Catholic rite, the only available option is the St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Fira. Since this is also one of the most striking churches of the island, with its peach-colour exterior in direct contrast to its Byzantine neighbours, it is always in high demand and you should try to book a slot several months in advance.

Wedding packages in Santorini
Planning a wedding is a full time job, as any bride-to-be can readily attest. If on top of that you add the element of an exotic location such as Santorini, making the necessary arrangements can easily slip out of control. That is why there is a flourishing industry offering tailor-made wedding packages for those who wish to get married there. These packages often include the legal requirements for the ceremony to be official, as well as the booking and hiring of the wedding and the reception venues, accommodation for guests, transportation to and from the wedding location, arrangement of the meal menu and floral arrangements, professional photography and a long list of etceteras. You should really consider hiring one of these companies to take care of these matters, since tackling each one of them individually from abroad can be a hopeless task.

Oia Santorini

Hotels in Santorini
As one of the top locations for destination weddings and honeymoons, Santorini offers plenty of world-class hotels to accommodate couples on their wedding night, as well as their guests. Many of them are perched on the cliffs of the island take full advantage of the jaw-dropping views over the caldera. Some of the suites are guaranteed to be the most spectacular you have ever stayed on, although the prices tend to be high due to the ever-increasing demand. The Andronis in Oia and the Carpe Diem in Pyrgos are just a few examples. Alternatively, you may consider a hotel close to the beach, sacrificing the view but getting more value for your money and remaining at walking distance from the azure Aegean. The Imperial Med in Monolithos and the Thalassa Seaside Resort in Kamari are good examples of luxury accommodation option by the beach.