Myrtle Beach Weather

The sun shines down on the beach catching every grain of sand that is being tossed about in the wind and blowing out on the beautiful crystal clear ocean of Myrtle Beach. Nothing sums op the incredible Myrtle Beach weather than this. Whether you are wanting to catch some sun rays to make your skin glow with a beautiful summer tan or hit the waves to enjoy some morning or afternoon swells, Myrtle beach has got you covered.

The hottest month at Myrtle beach starts in the beginning of July and usually spikes up to 90 degrees or even up into the hundreds. Usually these months also offer an afternoon shower which is really nice because it cools everything off after it has been heated up all day. By the time that August comes around though, it is pretty rainy and not that great for getting a sun tan. These months are towards the end of your hurricane season at Myrtle beach.

Myrtle BeachNow if we are talking about doing some surfing or other wave participating activities, the month of June starts all of that. Also the hot spot to do some surfing during these months is in the spot called Cape Hatteras which is only about 321 miles away from Myrtle beach. During the beginning of this month as well, there are not many thunder storms which leads to more surfing during or other daytime activities. Also because of this being the start of your “hurricane season” it will a lot of times push in some sweet swells for all the surfers out there.

The Myrtle beach weather is also very enjoyable during the months of March to May. These months are very low in humidity which makes it a lot more enjoyable to be on the beach. Lower humidity during these months also make it easier for people that may have any asthma issues or other breathing issues. These months with low humidity are a lot more enjoyable as well because the sun is not that intense which can allow you to stay out on the beach longer with out getting too burned through your sunscreen.

The Myrtle beach weather really is great all year depending on what you are looking for. You can enjoy this beach January through December catching warmth or cold. Myrtle beach is a great place to make your home or to enjoy yourself and family on a relaxing and beautiful vacation.