Sea Mist Resort Myrtle Beach

It was our 15th anniversary and we wanted to do something special.  We had planned a big trip for our 13th but my husband got sick and we couldn’t make it.  This year we wanted to do something really exciting.  We decided to stay at the Sea Mist Resort Myrtle Beach for a few days.

What we liked the most about it is that it was on the beach.  It was close to Family Kingdom Amusement park and Midway Park.  We also really enjoyed their coffee shop and snack bar.  We visited there multiple times during our visit.

We loved that they had plenty of places to swim.  We enjoyed trying the water slide and had fun in their indoor pools.  We also enjoyed the spa tub every night before we went to bed.

Sea Mist Myrtle Beach

Our room was very nice.  We had a choice between a beach, city or ocean view.  We went with the ocean view and loved it.  It was so nice to wake up every morning and see that.  We thought about having the beach view but in the end the ocean view was so amazing we were glad we went with that one.

We loved that the room had blackout curtains so we were able to take a nap after lunch. We love to just relax on vacations.  The Sea Mist Resort Myrtle Beach made it very possible for us to do so.

We also took advantage of the workout room.  We like to work out together at home and it was nice that we were able to do that there.  They had a decent amount of machines and it was never crowded when we went.

We also thought that it would have been a good place to bring children.  They had a lot of great things for them to do.  The resorts location also made it easy for people to go where they wanted to go.  I think if I was there with young children, it would have made life a lot easier.

We don’t always get to go on a relaxing vacation like we did at the Sea Mist Resort Myrtle Beach. However, we had such a great time we are thinking of trying to head back to Myrtle Beach next year.  It made for a very nice vacation and we will have memories of the wonderful time we had together.