Scrubba Wash Bag

10 Best Travel Products for 2017

When we think of travelling we might picture ourselves on a beautiful beach, up a mountain or having a wild adventure somewhere, but the reality is actually a screaming child on your long haul flight or running out of battery just before you are about to capture a photo of a wild animal. These top 10 travel accessories of 2017 eliminate every possible stress before it happens….

Mobi EyeFi SD card

Send your travel photos as soon as they are snapped. This SD card allows your camera to send images to your smartphone via WiFi. You can then use messenger to forward the images to your family and friends. Since this gadget works like a standard SDHC card, you can use it with almost all digital cameras.

Mobi EyeFi SD card

Underwater action camera

There is no doubt that you can use your Apple phone for underwater photography after covering it with a waterproof mobile case. Unfortunately, this safety cover fails to work in depths in excess of six meters. Instead of worrying, grab a 4K Underwater action camera. Thanks to its 16MP sensor, it can take sharp underwater photographs and 4K quality videos (30 frames per second) up to a depth of 30 meters. It boasts of WiFi features too. This means that you can transfer the scintillating underwater photographs or videos to your smartphone and use the latter to post them on photo/ video hosting sites so that you can share them with your family and friends.

Underwater action camera

Train Reaction

Have you ever tried to wheel several pieces of large luggage together? You can rest assured that you will end up with bruised and mangled fingers. If this is not enough, you might have to pay an extra charge for hiring a trolley at the airport. Why take a risk and injure your fingers when you can depend on Train Reaction, a plastic luggage carrying device that allows you to stack one suitcase on top another.

Train Reaction

Portable WiFi

Make sure you can access the internet wherever you want to without having to search for free WiFi hotspots or pay expensive roaming charges. Portable WiFi is the smartest way to get online when you travel as you can access the internet for the lowest possible rates no matter what country you are in!  Make sure you get an unlocked device so you can use any data SIM card inside.  You can also take a look at the alternative options for staying connected when you travel.


Nokia treasure tag

Nothing can be as frustrating during a trip when you realize that you have misplaced your wallet, key, or any other important stuff. The Nokia treasure tag is ideal for such situations. Available in four different colors, this tiny device pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Attach this device to your key, wallet, or other possessions with the accessories provided. A quick glance at the mobile will reveal the location of your missing item. Powered by a 220mAh replaceable battery, which lasts for six months, this device is essential for forgetful travelers. Unfortunately, it will not be able to find your misplaced smartphone unless you have another mobile linked with this device.

Nokia treasure tag

Noise canceling headphones

Unfortunately standard headphones cannot filter the noise of kids yelling while you sit beside the pool trying to relax and listen to your favorite songs. Luckily noise cancelling headphones can block out the world around you so you can remain zen even in the noisiest environments. Bose Quitecomfort 25 acoustic noise canceling headphones contain a tweeter as well as a woofer that allows the device to deliver all notes perfectly. Good bye screaming children, hello relaxation!

Bose Quitecomfort 25

Portable power

You can easily end up draining the battery of your smartphone in less than four hours with all the photos you take, using sat nav and listening to music when you are out an about. Rather than having to search for somewhere you can plug your charger in, just bring a portable charger. The Xiaomi portable powerbank has a battery capacity of 20,000mAh – that’s enough juice to charge an iPhone 10 times!

Xiaomi portable powerbank

Miniature washing machine

The Scrubba Wash Bag is light in weight, and contains accessories such as a flexible washboard. This compact travel accessory allows you to do your laundry even in the middle of the Sahara desert. This water conscious device will clean all of your clothes, using just four liters of water and a small amount of washing liquid.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Passport holder

Rushing around the airport with all your bags can be a challenge when searching for your passport and boarding passes. Although you will find several options for passport holders, none of them are as rugged or as stylish as the Smythson Mara Collection Passport Cover, available in different colors and you have the option to personalize them with your initials.

Smythson Mara Collection Passport Cover

Worldwide travel adapter

Be prepared for a surprise when you visit your hotel’s washroom and try to connect your electric shaver. Not all countries use dual pronged plugs. Forget about shaving, you cannot charge your laptop, mobile, and power bank. Different countries have different types of plugs. To avoid any dramas make sure you opt for a worldwide travel adapter with USB ports so you just need one plug wherever you go to!

Tumi electric adaptor

A little organization and research can make your trip 100% easier.  What travel gadgets can you not leave home without?