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We have combined forces to provide area homebuyers with an innovative home finding service. This service matches your personal home search criteria with properties that are currently listed for sale and in your price range.

Online…available 24 hours a day! At your convenience, login to password-secured website to view the listings that meet your home search criteria with pictures, prices, addresses, directions, maps and more! You can specify a particular school, lot size, almost any amenity you want and get just those listings that are in your price range.

While online, you can save your favorite properties to a notebook for easy reference and to receive updated information on those properties. Can’t find your favorite? You can change your personal search criteria to include additional neighborhoods and home styles. If you are interested in a specific property you have driven by such as Garden Tower project, simply type in the address and view information about that property.

With this service you can receive daily updates on new listings as they become available! Be the first buyer to see a new property. Many busy homebuyers have heard about a great property only to find that it had already been sold.

There is no obligation. Using this system will allow you to get a real sense of the current housing market in the privacy of your own home. Whether you are looking to buy a new home soon or just thinking about new home possibilities, we believe this is the best home finding service available and as a preferred customer, we would like you to know about it.

When you register and after I activate you. The System will send you 6 emails (over the next 6 days) to help you navigate. These are informative emails to help you use the system.

To sign up this FREE home finding service, Get Your Login ID Now, for your personal website, ID and Password to search for new listings from all the real estate companies. register to get your login.