Australia budget travel

Tips for travelling to Australia on a budget

Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the Twelve Apostles, the country boasts many attractions you wouldn’t want to miss when visiting. So, we’ve put together some pointers to enhance your time in the ‘land down under’.


Food can be fairly pricey in Australia; however, it’s prudent to buy from local supermarkets when self-catering. Coles and Woolworths offer competitive prices in all cities and towns, while Foodworks provide all you need in less populated, rural areas. This will be both budget-friendly and convenient – especially if you have the facility to store ample food supplies in your given accommodation. Also, for outdoor lovers, there are many parks that provide free-to-use barbeques which anyone can use.

Australia budget travel

Drink Sparingly

Alcohol can potentially drain your funds in Australia. For instance, it’s possible to be charged a whopping $12 for a pint of beer – especially in cities such as Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Therefore, you might want to review your drinking habits whilst in Australia or make allowances and save up beforehand. Fortunately, most restaurants allow you to bring your own alcohol, so you could at least save a few dollars when you choose to eat out.

Also, try purchasing beer in some of the liquor shops, as prices are much more affordable there. You can find a decent bottle of wine for as low as $12. Look on the receipts to see if there are any ‘buy two get one free’” promotions, which are common in Australia. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Stay in Modest Accommodation

This point is relevant anywhere in the world – particularly in Australia, as accommodation tends to be generally expensive. Therefore, it’s better to stay in places less luxurious than hotels, which also allow for self-catering. Look on Ausmove for easy ways to book accommodation before going to Australia. Compare prices to find the best deals.


Australia is a huge country. Therefore, travelling around by Greyhound buses will significantly reduce how much you spend on transportation, all the while still being able to enjoy the stunning views. You even can purchase or hire a car to get around without needing to sign up for organised tours.

If you’re visiting Australia for a vacation, you will likely spend a lot on transportation, mainly due to the sheer size of the country and vast distances to be covered. Therefore, finding cost-effective ways to go from place to place is important. For instance, the Ausrail Pass lasts for three months, which means for $765, you can cover all your long distance travels anywhere in the country.

Adventures and Miscellaneous

Any sightseeing or adventure activities in Australia will more than likely incur entry or ticket fees. Fortunately, Australia’s many campsites include different packages for all kinds of budgets, so you can still have an exciting and authentic camping experience for less money. When you do so in national parks, you can enjoy a memorable adventure for just a few dollars.

Generally, internet connection in Australia is reliable – especially in urban areas. For those not wanting to incur any more overheads however, public libraries offer free WiFi connection to all users. Buses, coffee shops and bars also allow you to make use of their WiFi if you buy a drink or snack during your visit. Coverage in these places is usually much faster than in libraries. You also have the option of purchasing a prepaid 3G data SIM card from any telecommunication supplier for cheaper internet connection.


The key to saving money during your trip to Australia is to take advantage of any available special offers or deals. For instance, if you like a slice of culture but are travelling on a budget, you could take a trip to any of the excellent Australian museums or galleries (many of which are free), instead of paying for a guided tour. So, do your homework and stay abreast of all potential money-saving tips, starting with those mentioned here.