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Remarkable Villas for rent in Tuscany – Historical, romantic villas for both couples and families

Why do I always visit Tuscany?

I don’t think anyone has ever asked me why it is that I always want to spend my holidays in Tuscany.  I sometimes wish that someone would ask.  Rolling off a list of place names, the question wouldn’t be difficult to answer: ...Read More

Exploring the tombs of Aquileia

Once an important roman town, Aquileia is now a small city in Italy flanking the lagoons on the river Natiso at a distance of 10 km from the sea. Founded in 181 BC as a Roman  colony mainly to facilitate the trade routes of the north as ...Read More

Private Tours – A Great Way to Explore Rome

Rome is probably the finest city on the planet for private tourist – at least for anyone with any inclination toward history. A sensational place of multiple civilizations that is worth exploring many times over, one of the major problems with visiting this city is to identify the ideal things ...Read More