What Is the Best Fish Finder for You?

Fishing is an event that can be enjoyed either alone or with company. To make the best of a fishing adventure, you need the right accessories. One particularly important accessory a fishing enthusiast should have is a fish finder.

Most fish finders available on the market use sonar technology to view what’s happening underwater will detect the presence of fish close by.


According to Marine Services, a down imaging sonar or a typical sonar is perfect for determining the presence of fish, as it provides a wider underwater view. Fishfinders with a side imaging sonar are more useful in knowing the landscape underwater and seeing the area around the boat.

Below are some of the best Fish Finders available that offer down imaging sonar, typical sonar, side imaging sonar, or a combination of sonar types.

∙         Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder

This fish finder’s basic features allow the user to detect and view water depth, and get an approximate location of fish in the water.

This fish finder can also identify sand, rocks, and short and tall weeds on the waterbed. It can be used in oceans, lakes, rivers, and pretty much anywhere else you’d like to fish, including ice. The device also offers alarm settings that will notify you when you are in a range of fish.

∙         Garmin echoMAP PLUS 73sv

This model of Garmin uses a combination of CHIRP ClearVu, CHIRP traditional sonar, and SideVu. This makes it possible for this fish finder to deliver unique photo-quality images on its HD screen of what’s going on beneath the water, and on the boat’s side.

With the Garmin echoMAP PLUS 73sv, you can see fish, submerged objects, and structures beneath the water. It also comes with LakeVu freshwater maps of over 17,000 U.Srivers, lakes, and reservoirs. You can add more maps to the fish finder via its memory card slot. And with its built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, you can access an online community save, make, and transfer fishing routes for your chartplotter.

On the downside, this fish finder is pricey.

∙         Lowrance Elite TI-9

If you prefer to fish in big bodies of water, then the Lowrance Elite may be for you. The device is a blend of user-friendly features and advanced technology that makes finding fish in large or small bodies of water easy This is possible thanks to the fish finder’s high res sonar that displays on a 9-inch SolarMax LED display which provides a crisp and large view of a chart, map, and more.

The Lowrance Elite is also Wi-Fi equipped for data sharing and comes with loads of preloaded maps (about 4,000). It’s also pricey but is worth the investment. If you want Lowrance Elite at a lower price, but on a smaller screen and for smaller bodies of water, then consider the Lowrance Hook2 7.

∙         Humminbird Helix 7

If you are one of those that struggle with tech devices, then consider the Helix 7. The Humminbird brand is popular for its user-friendly devices that are customised for recreational fishermen.

The Helix 7 is a beautiful device with a 7-inch colour WVGA display. It uses a 2D pulse sonar that can differentiate between fish, structure, and the bottom. Its fish finding capabilities are also accurate. Most importantly, it comes at a pocket-friendly price. On the downside, it has fewer Preloaded Maps and Sonar Views.

A cheaper but good alternative for those on a smaller budget is the Humminbird Helix 5 G2. It comes with most of the features of the Helix 7, but a smaller screen and fewer modes.

∙         Lowrance HOOK2 5

Yes, it’s another Lowrance. But it differs from the ones previously mentioned. Its design is more focused on satisfying the needs of a recreational fisherman.

It is less expensive than the Hook2 7 and 9 and comes with a 5-inch LCD screen that displays amazing and detailed structures, depth, and fish. It combines DownVu, SideVu, and a CHIPR sonar for its single TripleShot transducer that deliver great fish finding capabilities and bottom mapping.

It also comes with thousands of preloaded maps to deliver great value, quality, and performance in one fish finder.

∙         Smart Sonar Pro+ By Deeper

You can get either the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi version of this fish finder. It can be operated wirelessly from your smart device. You can connect to the Smart Sonar Pro+ either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth consumes less phone battery but the Wi-Fi version has better range.

It can be used on a boat, river, for ice fishing, or from the shore. And because it is resistant to salt water, you are not limited to the water body type you can use it on. It will identify fish and show the image on the phone. It can also create bathymetric maps thanks to its GPS module.

Because of its compact size and design, you can attach it to your fishing line as a bobber to view fish around your hook. It’s a high tech delight at a great price.

Which Fish Finder is your favourite? Please share in the comments