Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resorts

My family and I decided we wanted to go to Myrtle Beach for our vacation this summer. We had never been there before, but friends of ours had and thought we would love it. We loved the beach and were excited to visit a new one this coming summer.

We had some planning to do, though. The first thing we wanted to do was find a place to stay. I had no idea about the different Myrtle Beach oceanfront resorts so I went online to see what I could find. I did a basic search and found some information, but it was all a little overwhelming. I decided to do another search about Myrtle Beach oceanfront resorts and narrowed down my results a little bit. I found quite a few great places and I was getting more and more excited. I showed my husband the different Myrtle Beach oceanfront resorts I found and he said he was getting excited, too.

Island Vista Resort Myrtle Beach2

I wrote down a few of resorts that we really liked. I wanted to think about the decision a little bit before jumping in too fast. I made a list of the amenities of them so I could compare them side by side. I was hoping for some revelation on which one to choose, but I really did doubt this would happen. Anyway, I finally made a decision that I thought would make everyone in our family happy.

There was still a lot that I needed to do. My husband and I needed to ask for the time off at our jobs. Usually we did not have much trouble with that, but we could not be positive that it would be this easy this time.

I also needed to do a lot of shopping. Since our room would have a kitchen, we would be cooking our own rooms at the resort. I really liked that since it meant we would be saving a lot of money. Since I loved coupons, I would start looking for more food that we would eat while on vacation and use my coupons to buy what we needed.

We also needed to buy new bathing suits and other clothing items for all the family members. I wanted all of us to have nice suits since we had not bought new ones in the last couple years. We also needed some summer clothes, so I would get some that would work well for vacation, too.

Time for our vacation was coming closer and closer and we were all really excited. I could not believe that we were about to leave behind our every day life and get to spend several days on a beach. It would be a great, relaxing time and just what we all needed.

My husband, kids and I all packed all the things we wanted to bring with us. We were all getting eager to see a new beach and visit a new area of the world.