Holidays in Oman: Still undiscovered but increasingly popular destination for an exotic holiday

Not everyone feels attracted to classic holidays package. Spending a week or two in the same hotel and on the same beach has become too boring for many people. More and more tourists are therefore opting for cruises. Most people associate a cruise with classic destinations such as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, but more and more exotic destinations are enjoying great popularity. These include cruises through the Persian Gulf. Exciting countries such as Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been attracting more and more tourists for years. Breathtaking landscapes and unknown cultures make the hearts of explorers beat faster, as the Arab world is by far not just a barren desert. Blossoming oases, modern cities and breathtaking fjords inspire tourists from all over the world.

Muscat, Oman

The beauty of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman in the modern world is a specific place in the positive sense of the word. The desert-mountainous country in the Middle East, between the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman, is, which is not so obvious today, an oasis of peace, sustainable development and tolerance.

Oman is also characterized by nature untouched by human civilization. Huge and uninhabited areas of the country covered with desert and mountains are a paradise for fans of tourism 4×4. This beautiful nature is also enriched by economic and cultural aspects. The price of a litre of petrol is about 50 cents, the local population is friendly towards Europeans, and the most popular car brand is of course Toyota.

Nizwa City, Oman
Nizwa City

Oman is not only deserts and hundreds of kilometres of wild beaches. In the east and south of the country there are high mountains, which have always been the cradle of typical Oman culture. The place worth visiting is the famous Wadi Bani Awf valley. In the past, the valley was of strategic importance as it connects two parts of the more than 3000 m high Jabal al Akhdar (Green Mountains).

Untouched Khasab

The peninsula of Musandam and the town of Khasab on the peninsula is a legendary place. Although it is a real gem on the tourist and geopolitical map of the world few people have heard of them. Difficult, mountainous terrain, full of abysses and ravines, makes this area difficult to reach, especially for visitors from afar.

Musandam Peninsula, Oman
Musandam Peninsula

The rocky shores of the peninsula are covered with water from the Persian Gulf on one side and the Gulf of Oman on the other. Between them there is the Hormuz Strait, which is strategic for the whole world. Every week, hundreds of tankers flow along this road from the Middle East to supply almost all over the world with oil and gas from the Middle East. All this adds to it extraordinary magic.

The city is particularly interesting for cruisers. There are many exciting ideas for tours in Khasab, such as hiking in the surrounding mountains or visiting the museum located at the fortress. Swimming and dolphin watching are also possible in this historic city. Also ideal as a day trip and very popular is the Dhaufahrt through the “Fjords of Musandam”.