Koh Samui beach

Great Villas On Koh Samui

Traditionally, the Koh Samui was nothing more than a coconut plantation and a fisherman’s haven. However, in the past couple of years, this small island has turned into a major destination with regular connections and direct flights to Hong Kong and Singapore alike. Despite the exponential development, Koh Samui is small enough to retain its charm. As a matter of fact, its modest size makes it a convenient laid back place even when its a busy season. Well, of course, with such an exotic island with sandy beaches comes great resorts and villas to make your stay a true delight. And koh Samui does not hold back when it comes to providing luxurious villas for tourists all around the world to enjoy. In this regard, here is a list of some of the best villas you can find in this small yet charming island, courtesy of Your Koh Samui Villas:

  1. The Villa Belle

The villa belle certainly catches the breeze remarkably as it is located on the hilltop. You will definitely love the view, and the couches on the deck make a perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon read over a cup of coffee. You can even hire a chef, and there is a comprehensive selection menu of Thai dishes and more. The villa has comfortable beds with white linen and you get to choose either feather or foam pillows. This means a peaceful sleep while enjoying your stay.

  1. The Headland Villa

You would be hard pressed to find a more romantic place than the Headland Villa. The sunsets are unbelievable from here and the design certainly lends itself to love. With special touches like sliding wooden shutters outside the bedroom and private bedroom terraces, there is nothing to hate at the headland villa. Even if you kids tag along, you can easily escape to your own space and enjoy your privacy.

  1. The Ban Haad Sai

It is not hard to settle into the house on the beach as the moment you step into the roadside bustle, everything shifts to a relaxed atmosphere. This literally makes you kick off your shoes and switch right into holiday mode.

This villa was originally built as two separate places and although this gives the impression of anomaly such as two lounges, you will certainly feel the symmetry between both accommodations. This gives you the choice to spend with or without your friends of family.

Koh Samui beach
Koh Samui beach

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